Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Flintstones

Happy 50th anniversary to "The Flintstones"!! 

This was definitely one of my all-time favorite childhood cartoons. You know the part that always fascinated me? They drove with their feet! I guess it's easier when you only have three toes?! What a way to cut down on pollution, but I'm sure those blisters were no joke! Ha.

I hope every child has the opportunity to experience "The Flintstones" at some point in his or her life! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Horror Movie Madness

Today I read a blog post by @KBestOliver about the five scariest movie characters from her childhood. Awesome post, which you can find at This inspired me to compose my own. 

Hellraiser and his entire crew: Hmmm. The crew was known as the 'Cenobites'. Sounds like a tasty treat, but OH NO!! This torturous and horrifying crew knew how to slice and dice! 

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial: Wow! This movie messed me up for days. My mother still teases me. His huge eyes and those long, creepy fingers! I know he was a sweet, little alien, but not so much in my nightmares. 

Freddy Krueger: Let me just say, I knew going in that this movie wasn't going to be good for me, but there was just something about a villain wearing a fedora that amazed me. Unfortunately, I worried for nights on end that I was going to get sucked into my bed, ass first, and redistributed as a mere liquid. Umph! 

An American Werewolf in London: I have a crazy fascination with werewolves and werewolf movies now, but this movie is so scary. The transformation, nightmares within the film, and Jack's corpse freaked me out. However, I embraced my fear and ranked David's transformation as #2 in
Predator:  Predator was one bad ass alien, but he was scary as hell. Especially when he took off that mask....Freaky. Watching this movie made me want to roll around in the mud and embrace my "camo" side.

**Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka: Those teeth! That stare. Those Oompa-Loompas! I realize that this film didn't come out during my youth, but I am scarred nonetheless. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Story

Feeling a little sappy lately, so I thought I'd list some of my favorite TV couples, in no particular order. (This list will probably grow a bit more.) Feel free to add your own choices of those fictional lovers who touched your heart! I did mention that I'm a big sap, right? ;)

Bill & Sookie (True Blood)
Phoebe & Cole (Charmed)
Buffy & Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Lucy & Ricky (I Love Lucy)
Overton & Synclaire (Living Single)
Cliff & Claire (Cosby Show)
Morticia & Gomez (Addams Family)
Carrie & Mr. Big (Sex & the City)
Michael & Jay (My Wife and Kids)
Hoyt & Jessica (True Blood)
Dwayne & Whitley (A Different World)
Veronica & Logan (Veronica Mars)
Piper & Leo (Charmed)

My uber favorite TV couple is a tie between Vincent & Catherine (Beauty & the Beast) and Jim & Pam (The Office). Vincent & Catherine's love was epic, but Jim & Pam hits home. Dilemma...

Monday, September 27, 2010


Happy 12th Birthday Google!! 

You are hands down the coolest 12 year old I have ever known and you just get better with age! I can't wait to see what you have in store for the world in your adolescent years. Hehe :o)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Season 5 Finale: Gift vs. Curse

On the heels of my most recent blog post, Supernatural Season 6: Super Fail, I had a Comic-Con, Dark Horse kind of epiphany. I already stated that "Supernatural" is one of my favorite shows, but two other shows in my favorite category are "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and the "Buffy" spin-off series "Angel". Three awesome shows with great characters, kick-ass plots and epic endings (or semi endings.) All three shows had apocalyptic endings that fell on the season finale of its fifth season. Each contained a main character(s) sacrificing their life for the greater good. However, only "Angel" maintained it's concrete "ending" at the end of season five. "Buffy" returned on a new network with sub-par seasons six, seven, and eight continued in comic book form. "Supernatural" appears to be following in "Buffy's" footsteps with season six not getting off to a very good start. The breakdown:
  • "Angel" (Series 5 Finale - 'Not Fade Away'): Angel, the vampire with a soul, and his torn and tattered team prepare to battle the evil army of Wolfram and Hart, which is preparing to unleash the Apocalypse on earth complete with warriors, demons, giants, and even a dragon! In the rain, Angel calls dibs on the dragon, shouts "Let's get to work!", and they then proceed to charge the enemy before the screen goes to black. Classic and so well done.
  • "Buffy" (Series 5 Finale - 'The Gift'): A god from the hell dimension attempts to open a portal that will release, yes you guessed it, the Apocalypse on earth. After much battle, Buffy realizes that death is her gift to the world and the work that she has to do. As the portal, releasing all types of evil, begins to open, Buffy sacrifices herself by jumping in, which can only be closed with her blood. Even more fitting was that the last screen shot was of her tombstone which read: Buffy Anne Summers 1981-2001 Beloved Sister Devoted Friend She Saved the World A Lot.
    • However, "Buffy" was 'resurrected' on another network with two additional seasons that I felt were quite unnecessary. Going from such an epic ending, I felt that the acting, dialogue, and storyline had no where to go but down. I did not enjoy them very much. They should have let the series end at season five.
  • "Supernatural" (Season 5 Finale - 'Swan Song'): Sam sacrifices his body and soul to banish Lucifer back to Hell and save the world from being destroyed by....the Apocalypse. Much like Buffy, Sam realizes what he has to do, motions goodbye to his brother Dean, and plunges into the depths of hell. 
    • Season six started back, and so far, I'm not impressed. I would have been satisfied with the season five ending.
We shall see if continuing on past the season five finale will be the kiss of death for "Supernatural". 

Supernatural Season 6: Super Fail

So if you're a fan of "Supernatural" but haven't seen season 5 or the season premiere of season 6, this blog contains some spoilers! I'm going to begin this blog post by saying that I am one the biggest "Supernatural" fans you will ever meet (along with my brother). This show is truly awesome and Sam and Dean are two of my favorite TV characters/brothers/duos of all time. Having said that, the premiere of season 6 this past Friday was awful. For those of you who haven't seen the end of season 5, *Spoiler Alert*

Sam and Dean are trying to stop Lucifer, the impending doom of the Apocalypse, and are trying to avoid becoming human vessels for Lucifer and Michael. They are quite the busy bees. The rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are retrieved in an attempt to imprison Lucifer in Hell. Sam sacrifices his body as a vessel for Lucifer in order to banish him back to Hell (thus saving the world from the Apocalypse), but not before regaining control over his body and keeping Lucifer from killing Dean. Free will, family, and the role of God were big themes throughout this season. Very intense. In the end, Sam nods to Dean acknowledging the work that he has to do, and jumps into the doorway to Hell with Lucifer in tow.

Ok then. Fast forward a year to Dean having returned to a life with his ex-girlfriend and her son, upon Sam's wishes before he "died". Unfortunately, we are presented with a grief stricken Dean who has become marshmallowy from life in Suburbia. I understand that you want to live a "normal" life, but being a hunter is in your blood. The monsters that go bump in the night don't go into retirement just because you decide to take a holiday. He is rusty, to put it mildly. I don't know, but then things get all kinds of crazy. Sam returns from Hell all willy nilly, a grandfather returns from Heaven, there are some new third cousins twice removed who are also, supposedly, hunters that more so resemble the Scooby Gang. Really? This is the kind of nonsense that happens when creator Eric Kripke steps down as showrunner. Unfortunately, the entire dynamic between Sam and Dean was off. I don't want "Supernatural" or the relationship of the brothers ruined by botched and disconnecting storylines.

How long will this disconnect continue? The entire season? Are they really going to bring the show to an end like this? So many questions, and I'm not sure I will even be watching to see it unfold. I'd rather not have my first five seasons of an amazing show tainted by one lackluster season. No thanks.


Sooo I'm sitting up watching cartoons and eating cupcakes, AND THEN Kristen Bell posts a picture on Twitter and gets slammed by angry animal lovers and the comments just snowballed. I don't know, but PETA even made a post. It was crazy. Haha! Her follower numbers were jumping around like grease in a skillet. LOL! The main person who took offense and commented got her page slammed by Bell lovers. This was almost as bad as the tweet comment war between Wil Wheaton and GamePolitics....almost. Sheesh. I tell you, I've heard so much news lately about celebrity Twitter posts; they can get you into a sticky situation. Hmmm. Thank goodness for cupcakes and Spider-Man!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Doesn't Elmo Get a Say?!

Since finding out that Katy Perry's duet with Elmo has been pulled and has become a controversial topic after parents lost it over her outfit, I checked out the video. I have always been a fan of 'Sesame Street' and the celebrity/character duets; I thought the video was very cute. Perry was funny, animated, and having fun with Elmo. Supposedly, the celebrity/character skits are viewed by a panel of parents before the segment is shown on TV. I believe the feedback from some parents, (I'm taking a wild stab in the dark that the majority are mothers,) included phrases such as: "I DO NOT want my child looking at...that!" 

Really? Seriously?

Whoa! If with "that" parents are referring to her cleavage, perhaps they felt that her outfit should have covered more, but for me, that didn't take away from the fun and creativeness of the skit.
  1. I don't think that aspect would have even been in mind if I hadn't had my head swarming with all of this "controversy" news. 
  2. Perry wasn't falling out of her top; it was very much like a figure skating top. 
  3. Elmo certainly didn't have a problem.
I envision mothers frantically covering their children's eyes in horror. Haha! Hmmm. This makes me think that Lady Gaga won't be getting an invitation to Sesame Street anytime soon. Shame. I think a duet with the Cookie Monster would be awesome! ;)

I appreciate that Perry hasn't gone to town tweeting over the absurdity of her segment getting cut. Good for her. Even Elmo said that Perry is welcome back to Sesame Street anytime. But I very much hope 'Saturday Night Live' spoofs the ridiculousness of this ban tonight. I will be looking forward to it.

PS: I love the Oscar the Grouch cameo. I love him! Wait a minute! I don't think he was wearing any pants....

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Road Warrior (Grrr)

Do you want to know what really ticks me off? (And probably many others.) What drives me up the wall? (No pun intended.) People who get on the road without using their brains! People, cars are machines that weigh tons, not Hot Wheels toys. One wrong move and it could be lights out. 

Pardon me as I vent a bit....okay, a lot. 

A couple of months ago, two left turn lights were installed outside of my subdivision, on the main road, in front of a car dealership. Go figure. Before, cars in the single left, u-turn lane had to wait until there was a break in oncoming traffic to turn; while this was a hassle, the implementation of the new lights has been more stress than solution, I feel, and has resulted in: 
  1. People ignoring the red left turn arrows completely when they were initially installed. 
  2. The timing of the lights is comical. It's clearly not based on the volume of cars; and when it does change, it's for a mere 15 seconds. Umph!
  3. Since when did the outside left turn lane make u-turns?! So dangerous.
  4. U-turn yields to those turning right. So please follow the rules of the road and hurry up and turn right. You might think you're being courteous pausing half way to let me go, but I'm waiting for you, so really you're confusing other drivers and wasting time. Turn!
Unlike the leading man of the movie my blog post title refers to, I don't go bats--t crazy on the road or lose my common sense. This kind of attitude is more likely to cause an accident and get people hurt. So people, put on your thinking caps before you get behind the wheel. Please and thank you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

American Idol...Fast Forward

Today it was announced that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will be taking over as judges on the American Idol panel. I believe they will be joining the only remaining judge, Randy Jackson, who has been there since the start of the show. (I've personally never understood his role but to throw up the "rock on" hand sign and refer to contestants as "dog".) Names of possible judges and much controversy have been floating around all summer. Last I heard, Lopez was too much of a diva to be hired, but I suppose they worked out some type of arrangement. Possible Fox promotions of Lopez's future romantic comedies? Hmmm. Apparently Aerosmith, Joe Perry specifically, is very disappointed that Tyler signed on to the show without consulting the band first. Apparently he found out on the Internet like the rest of the world. Boy, what a slap in the face if it was via tweet. Sheesh. What does this mean for the future of Aerosmith? Only time will tell. However, I feel that this celebrity casting is a pathetic attempt to rejuvenate the popularity of a show that I believe reached its final wind about five seasons ago. Hasn't this show been on for about 10 years? I'm pretty sure I stopped watching after the third season. All I know is that American Idol has a habit of voting off the singers that often go on to be music hit makers i.e. Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson. However, it is true that winners such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Fantasia Barrino have gone on to rule their respective music charts, but many of the other winner names have become a bit fuzzy to me. Well, we shall see if this newly cast star power will give American Idol the revamp it appears to be seeking.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I finished reading the book adaptation of Ntozake Shange's 1975 play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf today. The 20 poem "choreopoem" is performed by seven women; the women are only depicted as colors such as Lady in Blue, not by names. I found the use of colors juxtapose to the darkness of the stage and dark times the women encounter in their indvidual lives, ingenious. How disheartening for the characters to be together on stage but so alone in their own worlds. It is as if each woman cuts her internal being open and the loss, sorrow, pain, and unrequited love spills onto the stage. One of the quotes that struck me the most from the play was: "Bein alive & bein a woman & bein colored is a metaphysical dilemma I haven't conquered yet." Such turmoil and sadness; but the end of the play depicts a sense of discovery and renewal for each woman. 

I had started reading a few weeks back, but when I saw the talented cast of women for Tyler Perry's upcoming theatrical film version, upon reading, I saw these actresses in my mind for their respective characters. However, many of the quotes I've seen in the theatrical trailer are not delivered by the same characters in the play/book. I suppose that will happen often in the film. Nonetheless, the deep, raw emotions and dialogue depicted are heart wrenching no matter who is communicating them. I think Shange's play is superb and I look forward to seeing Perry's "For Colored Girls" film. I will be interested in hearing or reading Shange's thoughts and feelings on the film. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playstation Move, On the Move

I'm one of those women who loves to sit down and play video games and/or read Game Informer Magazine. Love it! My video game console history: 
  • Atari 
  • Nintendo (NES) 
  • Gameboy 
  • Sega Saturn 
  • Playstation 
  • Playstation 2 
  • Xbox

Alas, my list has currently reached a dead end, but I have experienced the XBox 360 and Wii through friends. Wii was a technological advancement in gaming because it allows for interactive gameplay and wi-fi capability. You and your friends can burn calories with fun games without worrying about getting all twisted up in cords and wires. And that can be a good thing because we all know that one friend who gets a little too competitive and practically Hulk Smashes your console or controller if he/she doesn't win. 

*Insert rolling tumbleweed here...*

PlayStation 3 isn't going to be left in the dust! Enter the motion-sensing game controller for PS3, which is getting its own platform launch! But, to be fair, if you looked cooler than Harry Potter's wand, you'd deserve your own launch party too; it was released September 17. The rivals, Wii and Playstation Move are, in theory, similar consoles. However, PS: Move is utilizing voice recognition capability and very intricate motion sensing. 

Check out Game Informer online for a review of the PlayStation Move. 

Technology Blog 2: Google Chrome

I recently installed Google Chrome on my main computer. I have to say, I was initially very impressed. And with the recent addition of Google Instant, I was zooming. However, recently, checkboxes on webpages are not appearing. This has become a hassle when it comes to log in questions and selecting information. This appears to be a long time bug that Chrome and Google developers have been dealing with. But for almost two years? It's a check box; not aviation diagnostics. I don't need a 'work-around', I need a solid fix. I have also encountered many webpage loading issues. I will run into the "This webpage is not available" network error message mumbo jumbo. Upon reloading the page, I will be taken to the initially requested site. I also had two crashes after having GC for about two and a half weeks. Umph. 

I was very excited about installing Google Chrome on my revamped laptop. Alas, it seemed to cause more problems than not and would not install properly. My laptop would reboot before the installation process had completed. Firefox 3.6 it is. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Victor, Victor

One of the best films I have seen, that took me by surprise, is Raising Victor Vargas (2002) starring Victor Rasuk. My good friend and I stumbled upon this movie a few years back at Blockbuster and LOVED it! The film, set in the Lower East Side of NY, follows the title character, Victor Vargas, as he deals with his family, his macho reputation, and his newfound love with a beautiful young woman in the neighborhood. This film really delved into the trials and joys of young love, and the importance of family. Living with his grandmother and younger brother and sister, the Vargas family have their outs and moderate dysfunction. However, their home is never without love and they come together when it matters most. 

The film takes place during the summer and I loved the realness of teens running around in NY, trying to find something to do in the heat. However, the film never reached a point of feeling idle. One of the funniest scenes I have ever seen, that caught me and my friend off guard is when, Judy, the female lead and her friend are walking by some guys at the pool and one man shouts: "Which one of y'all wants to get f__d in the doody hole?" I lie to you not; this happened and it was hysterical in its random, off the wall nature within the scene. Worst pick-up line...ever! I suppose when it's hot outside, people are bound to say the first crazy thing that comes to their sun-fried brain. Ha. 

Although "non-professional" actors were used in the roles, that fact was not apparent. The film, characters, and dialogue felt real and unrehearsed. It was easy to get lost in what was taking place in the characters' lives. Absolutely dazzling performance by the very handsome, Victor Rasuk. I recently ordered the DVD on and I recommend that you watch it as well. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

M. Night Shyamalan

With the upcoming release of "Devil", a supernatural thriller based on a story by M. Night Shyamalan, I thought I'd highlight his well-known movies, good and bad. Oh, but before I move on to those, I would briefly like to give my opinion on how "Devil" is going to go down. Strangers + claustrophobic elevator = hallucinations. There will be whispers; there will be screaming; there will be blood! They will slowly take each other out thinking the other is said "Devil". In the end, the most sheepish, underdog-ed stranger will stride out of the elevator with a Chester Cheetah-like smile. Bing, bang, boom!

The Sixth Sense (1999)
Suspense-thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. (I didn't go to the bathroom without the light for days.) Fantastic twist ending. 

Unbreakable (2000)
This is my favorite Shyamalan film. The theme and character development are phenomenal. The use of colors and environment is genius. Bruce Willis & Samuel L. Jackson. Who could ask for a more dynamic on screen pairing? He truly scored a hit with this one. I'm ready for my sequel!

Signs (2002)
Wonderful film. I love how everything comes full circle in the end. Whether you have religious beliefs or not, I feel this is an intellectual film that will keep you thinking. Also, I left out not feeling so bad about the mass amounts of half empty water bottles I leave lying around. 

The Village (2004)
Great acting. I was slightly disappointed by the ending, but I couldn't help but appreciate the twist. 

Lady in the Water (2006)
I liked this movie even though I've gotten several funny looks. It was like a dark fairy tale come to life. However, the story moved slowly in the beginning and there may have been a tad too many characters to keep up with.

The Happening (2008)
I honestly couldn't get through this movie! The acting was awful. Wahlberg was talking to potted plants and his voice went up about 3 octaves every time he talked about those damn bees! "'The Happening': Something that never should have happened" (As per my big brother hehehe)

The Last Airbender (2010)
I have yet to see this film, but I did read a review that said that "This makes 'Dragonball Evolution' look like a masterpiece" Ouch! Have you seen 'DE'? You'd sadly understand....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Samsung (Bad)Impression

So, I have a few gripes with my Samsung Impression. I have had this phone for about 9 months. I will literally leave this phone charging overnight for up to 9 hours. The Internet, understandably enough, drains the battery faster than the average texting and tinkering. But am I dealing with Sonic the Hedgehog-like speeds of depletion? The following day I will use approximately 20-30 minutes of Internet time, on and off, and by lunch time I have gone from five bars to two or, painfully, one. Although, I have to say, that last battery bar holds on for dear life; but there is the concern that in the event of a major call, it will lose its "juice". My Mp3, on the other hand, can go an entire eight hour work day, and then some, without being recharged. Obviously, yes, I could just plug in my phone charger during work, but the basis of this post is to highlight the sub-par lasting power of the battery itself. 

Also, I've had my text messaging lock up. During a text conversation with someone, after I've sent maybe the seventh text, my phone will just lock up and the text will not be sent. I then have to turn off my phone, turn it back on, wait for it to cycle through, and then send my text message from where it has been imprisoned in the "outbox". The time between freezes has shortened the longer I've had the phone making texting conversations a bit of a pain with the incessant powering off/on of the SI. My phone has also had about five random spaz-outs where it has just shut off without warning. I have recently learned that SI's are no longer in production. Wow. I know that I have listed gripes, but I have enjoyed the keyboard efficiency for texting and the various applications of the phone. However, those are available on other types of phones, too. Hmmm. Yours truly will be heading to the store very soon to upgrade. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be Tweeting You ;)

It's OFFICIAL! I have joined Twitter! I mean, we are in the future. Hehe.
I will honestly say that I originally questioned the idea of "mass following" but I have since decided to tweet. Some of my favorite celebrities and organizations are on Twitter. I very much like the "verified account" checks by celebrity names. How cool.
Follow me @Kimanthemum. You can also check out my cool twidget to the right of my blog post homepage. Enjoy! Let the tweeting begin! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

African American Cultural Festival

I attended the African American Cultural Festival this past Saturday. This premiere festival was an all day event on both Saturday and Sunday from Fayetteville Street to Davie Street in downtown Raleigh. The weather was simply beautiful, perfect for an event like this. The live music on stage was great and the performers were awesome. Truth be told, unfortunately, I did not know anything about this event until Friday afternoon while conversing with my cousin about weekend plans. We weren't certain about specifics so I Googled a bit and, sure enough, I found out details. I don't watch television very often, but I do listen to the radio and check out the news on the Internet. I was disappointed that this event was, in my opinion, not advertised more. Raleigh Wide Open, on the other hand, which took place about a month ago, in the same downtown area was highly promoted. True, it was its fifth annual, but also an event for the masses none the less. The AACF didn't take up as much street distance as RWO, which led to what I felt was more frequent clusters and back ups at booths and vendors. This made viewing items, crafts, and art work a little difficult.

Despite the gorgeous weather, upbeat music, and delicious smells in the air from nearby food vendors, I noticed that many in attendance looked as if smiling was the furthest concept from their minds. Now I understand that no one smiles all of the time, but I felt as if it was a rarity to notice someone in the large crowd having a good time. Some faces were even reminiscent of 'Pod People'. Hmmm. I, unfortunately missed the African American Dance Ensemble performance. Drat! All in all, my aunt and I didn't stay long and I found myself wanting a little more; this has more to do with the preparation and the logistics of the set up. All of the art and crafts were beautiful. I'll be in attendance next year; I hope they carry over the roster of performers and maybe even add to it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Technology Blog 1: Sometimes Size is Everything

With the prominence and dependence on technology today, I can honestly say that I do not know how there was ever a time when individuals made it through the day without cell phones. Try to remember: People actually stepped out of their house with perhaps only a wallet and briefcase or purse with the essentials. Mothers would carry out a child in her arms and maybe forget to turn off the stove. Now, moms may rush out of the house hastily texting on their BlackBerry and have to go back for the child! Daily chores and activities were carried out without stopping every 10 seconds to check the latest tweet. Now, people can hardly detach themselves from their mini keyboards just to take a shower. But talk time hasn't been hindered too much when headsets and mini-ear pieces allow one to continue a conversation during almost any activity. Interestingly enough, it was only a little over two decades ago that cell phones were non-existent. Then, the now prehistoric Motorola DynaTAC 8000X went on the market in the mid 1980s. While it was, at that time, a momentous advancement in technology, the phone itself was also about the size of a brick, or these days, a small computer. Now they are so thin and small, there are practically hazardous choking warnings for children on them. SMH. Apparently, the smallest phone on the market now is the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. What a difference a few years makes. Then came 2G and now, currently, 3G (3rd Generation) phones. Apparently, as the size of the phones decrease, the innovations in call quality, signals, and batteries increase. Hmmm. I suppose a future innovation will be a wireless chip planted smack-dab in our molars. "Can you hear me now?! Oh wait. Let me floss first...."




Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yancy's Review

Yancy's Jazz and Blues Cafe used to be located in downtown Raleigh. As a restaurant and jazz club, this was one of my favorite places to have parties and meet up with friends for a night out on the town! Throw on a snazzy dress, delight in savory food, listen as the sound of smooth jazz floods the room, and even get in some dancing. Unfortunately, YJBC closed down in 2008 after filing for bankruptcy when the economy was hitting large establishments pretty hard. Recently, the jazz club, now known as just Yancy's, reopened on Rock Quarry Road. The atmosphere was very different from that of downtown. Aside from the space being noticeably smaller, I felt that, as opposed to a snazzy dress, jeans could suffice. True, I was there for a Sunday brunch, but I could tell that the nightlife would probably not be anything like that of downtown Yancy's. In addition, the food was only sub-par. Cold mini pancakes? Turkey bacon as the only bacon option? No banana pudding should only consist of mushy wafer cookies and banana jello pudding. Gross. The service was also very disappointing. With the popularity of Yancy's, I am certain that large parties dine often. My party was large due to a family reunion, and our waitress had a snottier attitude than a head cold! Rude. All in all, I was rather disappointed with the new Yancy's. I understand that times can be hard, but I had high expectations and was very excited to have my place back. Making a reappearance, at this time, is questionable.

  • Side note: I wrote this blog from my revamped laptop!! Awesome!
  • Super side note: Shawn Spencer on "Psych" used one of my favorite phrases: "Cut of his jib"! Nice.