Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Don't I Know You?" - Onscreen Reunions

As my mind has become a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions this holiday season, adding to the randomness of this here noggin', I have compiled a list of onscreen celebrity reunions. You know, when a pair of actors reunite for a completely different movie years, sometimes even decades, later. I especially like it when there's an undertone of "Hey, don't I know you?" between the characters in the subsequent film. As I think of more pairings, I will be sure to add them. Feel free to comment and add ones I may have missed.

Robert DeNiro : Al Pacino = Heat & Righteous Kill (Heat was the far superior movie of the two, in my opinion, but great acting in both, nonetheless.)

Jack Nicholson : Michelle Pfeiffer = The Witches of Eastwick & Wolf (Always stellar acting by Nicholson and the beautiful Pfeiffer.)

Mel Gibson : Renee Russo = Lethal Weapon 3, 4 & Ransom (Both contained scenes of classic 'Mad Mel' [as he is now often referred to] rage.)

Nicolas Cage : Eva Mendes = Ghost Rider & Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (I haven't seen the latter, but from the trailer, Cage looks a bit of a hot mess. But they win awards for transformations like that, don't they...?)

Keanu Reeves : Charlize Theron  = The Devil's Advocate & Sweet November (They were lovers in both, with atrocious Southern accents in The Devil's Advocate. Sheesh.)

Leonardo DiCaprio : Kate Winslet = Titanic & Revolutionary Road (Both involved steamy love scenes in cars. Only Titanic had the classic hand print of "triumph", however.)

Vince Vaughn: Jon Favreau = Swingers; Couples Retreat (As hilarious actors individually, these two guys are golden when they are onscreen together. I think if you turned the cameras off, there would be no difference to how they were acting with one another, scripted or unscripted.)

**And the award for Most Onscreen Reunions goes to (drum-roll, please):

Tom Hanks : Meg Ryan = Joe Versus the Volcano & Sleepless in Seattle & You've Got Mail (Who doesn't just love this sickeningly cute couple? Someone must; they have the most onscreen reunions that I know of.)

*Side note:

I would formally list the pairing of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in both Jersey Girl and the disastrous movie known as Gigli, but that just seems wrong on many levels.