Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Don't I Know You?" - Onscreen Reunions

As my mind has become a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions this holiday season, adding to the randomness of this here noggin', I have compiled a list of onscreen celebrity reunions. You know, when a pair of actors reunite for a completely different movie years, sometimes even decades, later. I especially like it when there's an undertone of "Hey, don't I know you?" between the characters in the subsequent film. As I think of more pairings, I will be sure to add them. Feel free to comment and add ones I may have missed.

Robert DeNiro : Al Pacino = Heat & Righteous Kill (Heat was the far superior movie of the two, in my opinion, but great acting in both, nonetheless.)

Jack Nicholson : Michelle Pfeiffer = The Witches of Eastwick & Wolf (Always stellar acting by Nicholson and the beautiful Pfeiffer.)

Mel Gibson : Renee Russo = Lethal Weapon 3, 4 & Ransom (Both contained scenes of classic 'Mad Mel' [as he is now often referred to] rage.)

Nicolas Cage : Eva Mendes = Ghost Rider & Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (I haven't seen the latter, but from the trailer, Cage looks a bit of a hot mess. But they win awards for transformations like that, don't they...?)

Keanu Reeves : Charlize Theron  = The Devil's Advocate & Sweet November (They were lovers in both, with atrocious Southern accents in The Devil's Advocate. Sheesh.)

Leonardo DiCaprio : Kate Winslet = Titanic & Revolutionary Road (Both involved steamy love scenes in cars. Only Titanic had the classic hand print of "triumph", however.)

Vince Vaughn: Jon Favreau = Swingers; Couples Retreat (As hilarious actors individually, these two guys are golden when they are onscreen together. I think if you turned the cameras off, there would be no difference to how they were acting with one another, scripted or unscripted.)

**And the award for Most Onscreen Reunions goes to (drum-roll, please):

Tom Hanks : Meg Ryan = Joe Versus the Volcano & Sleepless in Seattle & You've Got Mail (Who doesn't just love this sickeningly cute couple? Someone must; they have the most onscreen reunions that I know of.)

*Side note:

I would formally list the pairing of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in both Jersey Girl and the disastrous movie known as Gigli, but that just seems wrong on many levels.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ben Foster: Actor Extraordinaire

I realized today that Ben Foster is one of the youngest, most underrated actors that's been acting within the past 15 years. I will even go as far as to say that he may be one of the best actors today. I watched a film called The Messenger today where Foster plays an Army Staff Sergeant, returning from Iraq, assigned to the Casualty Notification service. The film depicts his inner strife at losing friends on the battlefield, and his newly assigned role as the one to shatter the worlds of soldiers' families and loved ones as the bearer of the grievous news. He soon begins a relationship with a young widowed mother he notifies about the death of her husband.

Foster possesses such strong onscreen presence and a dynamic acting range that only gets better with every role. I believe that the core of his outstanding acting lies in his dedication to whatever character he is portraying and his ability to constantly and flawlessly physically alter himself for various roles. In Alpha Dog, he put glaucoma drops in his eyes in order to look like a drug user, while in The Punisher, he is incredibly thin with numerous facial piercings. Ironically enough, Foster simply shines on screen, especially in his darker roles; and he's had a few dark toned films. In 30 Days of Night Foster is almost unrecognizable as a tormented, weathered stranger who has a sick obsession with aiding the evil vampires that seek to wipe out the town. In Hostage, Foster plays a dark and twisted serial killer with long dark hair, and a sinister and piercing stare. 


Pensive is the new sexy.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Horror Movie 101

So I have learned a lot from horror movies; specifically from the stupid mistakes that the scantily clad, obnoxious teens make. In the hypothetical event that you're chased by a zombie or come face to face with a Michael Myers type, etc. you should be prepared. So here are some FYI's:

Don't mess with the creepy colony of kids without parents.

Clowns are creepy. Period.

If all else fails, arm yourself with a "boomstick"

Zombies: Damage them in their brains before they take a bite out of yours! "Yeahhhh boyyyy"!

If you run over a Gorton fisherman look-a-like, at least call an ambulance because he won't forget. Ever.

Only search under the bed if you have a 10 foot pole.

Treat your dolls with respect. If you don't, they may return the "favor"

Most aliens, with evil intentions, that come to Earth are vulnerable to the 70% of water that covers it. Go figure.

Um, why would you go into the WOODS looking for trouble?

If you hear that fava beans and a nice chianti are part of the!!

"No, crazy cannibal looking family. I DO NOT want to join you for dinner or see your household chainsaw!"

If someone's body is facing the wall but their head is looking at you, you may want to exit their bedroom - immediately.

You probably don't want to chant creepy or deceased people's names in mirrors.

Only moving the headstones is not going to cut it.

Puzzle boxes are all fun and games until you start raising some hell.

Don't underestimate the pecking power of a bird.

If you have just finished viewing a creepy, distorted videotape followed by a phone call, I think it's safe to overlook the 'Be Kind, Rewind' rule.

If a stranger comes to your cabin and poops out an ugly ass alien, it's time to go. Also, that's one serious #2!

Mist, fog; if your vision is hindered, it's time to invest in a a big ol' Maglite flashlight and some nunchucks.

Any movie based on a Stephen King novel with Thomas Jane in it is bound to be bad. Sorry Thomas.

Why are zombies underestimated? They have a healthy diet of brains, don't they? Sheesh. ;)

Let's get this straight people: Frankenstein was the scientist. Not the "monster"

If it's not your house, maybe you just shouldn't go into it. Whether it's the last on the left or the one with a chainsaw collection.

Please make sure that all "telepods" are free from insects, critters, and the like before you attempt to do any transporting.

If you came here to chew bubblegum and kick some ass, you'll probably end up doing the latter.

Don't underestimate the old lady with the glass eye, hellacious cough, and dentures; she may gum your face off.

If you see the license plate, "BEATNGU", turn and go the other way. FAST!

Even if you run at Michael Johnson type speed, a 6'3", slow-waking, machete-wielding serial killer will still catch up with you while leisurely strolling along in a pair of orthopedic shoes.



This is by far one of the craziest/funniest photos I've ever seen. I found it earlier this year when I was writing a horror movie post. Go figure.

Just so you know, this child was reaching for Ernie. Bert is simply lousy with kids. 


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Barbie: 'Baby on Board'

Where have I been and how did I not know that there was, at one time, a pregnant Barbie doll on the market?!

In 1963, auburn haired, freckled-faced Midge was introduced as Barbie's first B.F.F. The freckles and rounder face were apparently added as an attempt to make her look "friendlier" juxtapose to Barbie's "sex symbol" reputation. In 1964, Midge got herself a boyfriend: Alan. Ken's buddy. There were double dates and everything. Alan and Midge would go on to get "married" in 1991.

  • Time-out. I have to pause because I realize that I'm referring to the fictional storyline relationships and marriage of dolls. *Shakes head and remains rooted in reality*
In 2003, a pregnant Midge was sold in stores with a magnetic, detachable belly with a tiny baby inside. Whoa. This mental image makes me slightly uncomfortable, but I can appreciate the educational value for children. I suppose there were other ways to convey childbirth to young children via doll; the infamous stomach bursting scene from Alien disturbingly comes to mind. Mattel opted out of that idea...thankfully. Ironically enough, Midge produced much controversy among parents who felt that Midge promoted sexual intercourse and teen pregnancy, when in fact, Midge was happily married. You would think parents would be happy that Alan put a ring on it. Right? Oh...wait. Apparently the ring and Alan were missing from Midge's packaging, stirring up a lot of controversy. Walmart proceeded to pull the "Happy Family Line". If anything, I imagine mothers being the most upset over the fact that Midge went from pregnant to perfect figure in no time flat and thinking, "that plastic b*tch".


♥ ♫ Bon Jovi
If Bon Jovi music could be the soundtrack to life, I think the world would be a much better place. Well, a bit more awesome, at least.

(Especially the music from the leather pants and feather hair days). Where have you been and why aren't you listening? I mean it. Not now...Right now.

Ok, so just go to the bottom of the screen. :-)


2010 Reflection (12/18)

As I begin typing, it is about 5:15 am. I'm awake as thoughts and realizations of chapters of my life in 2010 consume me. It comes to my attention that this blog, my blog, has been my solace, outlet, and writing haven for the better part of the year. I received much encouragement and enthusiasm from those closest to me as I began this blog, for which I will always be thankful.

As this year draws to a close, I can't help but to reflect on the highs, lows, love, loss, and everything in between. I've written in a post previously that 'I have grown as a person [this year]', but that statement almost seems minuscule in comparison to the reality of my universe. As I laid in bed before writing, my mind's eye couldn't help but look back through significant, personal highlights of this year; so much has been present, but I now realize, somewhat emotionally, that certain aspects were missing. But that is the reality of life, I suppose; especially when you're not the only piece on the chess board, metaphorically speaking. We move through life like a blur, feeling as if time is just slipping through our grasp; but that is inevitable when people wish days, weeks, even months away. Think about it; have you ever found yourself on a Monday consciously racing over the majority of the week due to the desire to delve into Friday and the weekend? It's a cyclical mindset because in three days, Monday will once again rear its unappreciated head. As many feel that time is slipping away, some often feel somewhat invincible. That is until the moment you find yourself in a state of hindsight and reflection. It's all very surreal, in my opinion. Despite this surreal and ephemeral nature of time and life, however, it is these moments that we live in and learn from that piece together the foundation of who we are and who we will become.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review - 'Wolf' (1994)

One of my favorite, and also extremely underrated, movies is Wolf (1994). The film stars simply sensational Jack Nicholson and the mesmerizing Michelle Pfeiffer; this marks the second time Nicholson and Pfeiffer have been paired together on screen. Remember 1987's The Witches of Eastwick? Sure you do; who could forget the classic cherry vomiting scene? That scene still sends chills up my spine. I was also first introduced to the name "Sookie" (spelled: Sukie) before it gained mass True Blood popularity.

Alas, I digress.

Nicholson plays editor in chief, Will Randall, who is bitten by a wolf he hits on a snowy night. The movie proceeds to depict Randall's physical transformation triggered by the essence of the creature that bit him, but it also delves into him gaining the inner boost and aggression he needs to take the reigns on his life. Reigns that include starting his own publishing house after the wealthy Alden replaces him with his protégé (Spader). Randall soon begins a romance with Alden's daughter, Laura (Pfeiffer), and as the story continues to unfold, sparks and, eventually, limbs fly.

One of the best lines in the film, and also evidence of the effects of change in Randall due to his transformation into the wolf:

Mary (secretary): "Is the worm turning, Mr. Randall?"
Will Randall: "The worm has turned and it is now packing an Uzi, Mary."
Mary: "It's about fucking time, sir."

So poetic; so beautiful.

There are generally two classic types of werewolf films. You've got your gore, or your over-the-top campiness with special effects that look like they were filmed in someone's kitchen pantry. Wolf isn't your average werewolf film; there's romance, action, comedy, and the dynamic acting talents of Nicholson, Pfeiffer, Christopher Plummer, and a very hunky 90s James Spader. (Ooh la la) There are surprising plot twists left and right, and character developments that always leave me on the edge of my seat. The special effects were, in my opinion, very well done, with Nicholson's half man-half wolf phase looking fantastically horrifying. 


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celebrities: Less Privacy Than Facebook

Today I read a Washington Post article stating that in the U.S. it is legal "that a picture of anyone -- celebrity or non-celebrity -- taken while the person is in public is absolutely not an invasion of privacy". Standing on private property is also included if the celebrity can be seen. I understand that if you're a film or music star, you can expect to have your photograph constantly snapped. In addition to red carpet award shows and film premieres, if you're walking in an airport, celebrities, you can bet your last film's paycheck that countless fans are whipping out their iPhones and various electronic 'berries' to snap a shot; some may be even so bold as to try and capture a photo side by side with a celebrity.

(Side note - Fans, go for the Alexander Skarsgard type: friendly, cuddly, and cute. Avoid the Bjork type.)

No matter what law, I don't feel it is appropriate for relentless, rude, aggressive paparrazzi to take pictures of said stars in their more private or intimate moments; especially if they ask for no photos to be taken. Celebrities, like any other person, fear for the privacy and safety of themselves and their loved ones. There is no reason a middle aged man should be yelling and running down the street with a camera after celebrity moms while they are holding their 'Banjo' and 'Apple' babies. It's scary. For fans (a.k.a. the average person), that would be cause for utilizing major stun gun action. For celebrities, lawsuits are filed almost weekly by paparazzi and photographers claiming to have been in fear for their lives, or assaulted after they jumped out of the bushes and were met with a barrage of hits from a celebrity. The nerve!

If Joan Rivers isn't bashing someone's glam outfit, then I don't care for, or particularly need to see pictures of:
  • Celebrity early morning eye boogers
  • Post dentist, spittle-ridden faces
  • Those 'bloated' days
  • Spencer Pratt's flesh colored beard and demonic, 'Child's Play-like' smile. *Shivers*
  • Obvious wedgie shots...and/or the stars picking said wedgies
  • "See food" (The nauseating shot of a celeb with their mouth wide open munching....hard)
  • Kim Kardashian without any makeup on...anytime
  • Women shopping. (That's just boring. Especially when it's Jessica Simpson.)
And the list goes on. Long story short, celebrities, too, deserve their privacy, and I deserve to live in a world where "Speidi" doesn't grace a magazine cover.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Splitting Hairs'

A major pet peeve of mine is when, on occasion in film and television, major [female] characters are brought back from a mysterious or monumental death, and instead of looking like something out of Shaun of the Dead, they typically look like they're about to go down the red carpet. I'm referring to the perfection of hair post death and resurrection. The series and film, respectively, that stand out to me are: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Men: The Last Stand.

Five months after Buffy sacrifices herself to save the world, she is resurrected by a spell, digs herself out of the grave and, while she is a bit mussed, her hair is noticeably longer then when she died, evenly parted, and looks as if she recently received color accents. Similarly, in the end of X-Men: X2, Jean Grey sacrifices herself under an intense wave of water in order to allow her fellow X-Men to escape. Upon her "death" she has a short Charlie's Angels type haircut. However, when Jean is found alive months later, she is rocking a more Cher type style. Now, there is not enough moisture in the world to produce those long, wavy, highlighted locks, when you're supposed to be dead.


Music of the Month (December Edition)

Below I have listed my artist picks for December. A few more may be added as the month progresses on. Feel free to comment or share your personal current/past music favorites! Happy listening!

  • Goapele - "Crushed Out" (A sweet and poetic song performed by a soultry voice. I love Goapele's music.)
  • Anouk - "Lost" (Anouk has a unique and rich voice. The words are, in my opinion, beautiful and powerful.)
  • Carrie Underwood - "Just A Dream" (There's no doubt Underwood has an amazing voice, and this song demonstrates it. A heart-wrenching and beautiful song.)

  • Kansas - "Dust in the Wind" (A classic goodie :)   
  • Train - "Marry Me" (Patrick Monahan's voice sounds great in this song. There isn't a lot of instrumental accompaniment, which makes his voice sound that much more rich. This song and the lyrics are so enchanting to me.)
  • Miguel ft. J. Cole - "All I Want Is You" (The beat is smooth and cool while the lyrics are deep. I've been playing this song out...and loving it.)
  • Rihanna - "What's My Name" (Aside from the redundant and rhetorical nature of the chorus, I love this song. It's fun and sexy, and I appreciated it that much more after I saw the video with Rihanna and Drake; such sweet chemistry.)

    Monday, December 6, 2010

    '...For the Weary' (Original Poem 12/6)

    ...For the Weary - K.G.

    I stare at blank screens and white walls,

    And from behind tender eyes, sleep faintly calls.

    Dreams of the mind wish to be viewed;

    Perceptions of reality conveniently skewed.

    The subconscious mind is full of whims and desires,

    Yearning to fan the flames of the aesthetic mind's fires.

    I used to doze to the sound of the wind, so still and haunting,

    But now all I hear is Insomnia taunting.


    Saturday, December 4, 2010

    Beauty and the Beast: Epic Love

    Beauty and the Beast (1987)

    Starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton

    I don't think I have ever watched another series other than Beauty and the Beast that possessed such poignancy and depth. Vincent & Catherine's love was awe-inspiring when I first watched the show as a child, and remains so for me today. In addition, the opening credits are enchanting, with a beautiful melody and narration.

    (Opening credits narration)

    Vincent: This is where the wealthy and the powerful rule. It is her world...a world apart from mine. Her Catherine. From the moment I saw her, she captured my heart with her beauty, her warmth, and her courage. I knew then, as I know now, she would change my life...forever. 

    Catherine Chandler: He comes from a secret place, far below the city streets, hiding his face from strangers; safe from hate and harm. He brought me there to save my life...and now, wherever I go, he is with me, in spirit. For we have a bond stronger than friendship or love. And although we cannot be together, we will never, ever be apart.

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    *Rabbit Rabbit*

    *RABBIT RABBIT* Blogosphere!! Happy December. Besides April, this is my favorite month of the year! Happy holidays!