Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FOX Funnies

Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen the 1/29 episode of New Girl you might not want to read my point #2 below...

I had deemed Tuesday night "Fox Funnies" on account of the hilarious comedy line-up on Fox 50. I usually get home and settled from work right around the time Raising Hope is coming to a close, but I have fallen in love with Ben and Kate and New Girl. While I find The Mindy Project funny, I'm still getting acquainted with it. In a matter of days, my Fox Funnies line-up has changed dramatically.

1. Ben and Kate has, sadly, been cancelled with the fate of the final two episodes left unknown. :(

2. Nick planted a kiss on Jess that was so steamy, romantic, and epic that I rewound my DVR at least 10 times. Then he just dropped the mic and walked off stage. I jest. He just took all that intensity and walked back into his room without looking back. The look of shock and pleasure on Jess' face matched my own because WHO DOESN'T WANT TO GET KISSED LIKE THAT? What's even better is when it's with someone who just adores you. There's just something so sexy about a man who pulls you in, takes your face in his hands, and kisses you like it's a scene straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel.  This kiss will most definitely change the dynamic of their relationship, especially considering Jess is in a relationship with Dr. Sam, and also the dynamic of the loft. I can't wait to see what happens next, but I hope their newfound passion for one another won't hurt the show any. I have confidence that this will just add to the roomates' quirky lives and world. Personally, my money has always been on Nick because you can just feel the love he has for her. He drops what he's doing for her, protected her from 'Murder He Wrote' guy from her class, and looks at her like she brightens his day. This might sound deep for a 30 minute sitcom, but that kiss was HOT!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year in Review: 2012

As we come upon the transition into a new and exciting year, the year 2013, I feel it's fitting for a 'Year in Review' of 2012. I had a wonderful 2012, complete with new experiences, loss, joy, fun, and lots of learning. 2012 has also been a big year for news, pop culture, and politics. 

January 2012
  • Fifty Shades of Grey madness hit millions of bookshelves and female readers. Interestingly enough, here I was initially thinking it was a comment on Existentialism. 

February 2012
  • I learned how to Flamenco dance. (The basics, anyway. I'm not ready for any Flamenco battles in the street)
  • RIP Whitney Houston

March 2012
  • I healed from a rough breakup and learned why I was better off all along.
  • I contributed my voice for ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) for the film, Secrets in the Snow, where I was a featured extra. 
  • The release of The Hunger Games film sent hundreds of thousands of fans of the novel series piling into theaters, helping the film gross about 690 million at the box office. The film received a positive reception, but met with controversy over racist comments about casting and sexist comments over female characters' body image. I loved the movie and casting, and I look forward to reading the novels. 

April 2012
  • I was Baptized on Easter Sunday morning!
  • I attended the Red Carpet Premiere for Secrets in the Snow.
  • I modeled in Caché fashion shows
  • I turned a Quarter of a Century

May 2012
  • A drug called "bath salts" caused a Zombie Apocalypse scare as it made zombies men eat other men's faces off. *shivers*

Summer 2012 
  • I realized that dating isn't as glamorous as they make it look on TV and the movies unless you count Sex and the City. Post-It break-ups, men with issues, sassy heels and girlfriends you can always count on to have your back are all part of the crazy world of being single in the city.

June 2012 
  • I was on an episode of "Lizard Lick Towing"!
  • Magic Mike (Mmmm. Because that deserves an entry all its own...) I see you, Channing! Grrrr.

July 2012
  • I once again performed under the choreography of Mark Dendy at the American Dance Festival
  • "Gangnam Style" by PSY. Enough said.

Fall 2012
  • Some of the ugliest and racist attitudes, comments, and actions came from people of all political parties during this intense election season. 

September 2012 
October 2012 
  • I was a bridesmaid for the first time in one of my best friend's weddings. 

 November 2012
  • President Obama was re-elected for a second term! 

December 2012
  • The Twilight movie franchise came to an end and millions of Twi-hard fans' hearts broke around the world. This is in addition to the "Trampire" meme, Kristen Stewart acquired after cheating on beau, Robert Pattinson. The separation of fiction and reality became very blurred.

Facebook Rules of Conduct

In no particular order, here are some things to remember and take notice of when you're using the social network known as Facebook. 

1. Relationships aren't "official" until Facebook sends a notification from both parties. 
2. Unfriending someone who thinks they're your friend in real life= A big "F you" = Throwing down the gauntlet.

3. 'Poking' is next to cheating. 
Woman: So you just sit around and 'poke' all day?!
Man: Naw babe. It's not even like that! 
Woman: What's her name? Poker Face?!

4. Facebook stalking was a lot simpler before all of these nifty privacy settings. 
5. The dislike button is your own will power not to press 'like'. 
6. Please don't tag me in a message featuring 38 of your friends, so that a new notification is sent out for every single thread post. (Even after deleting the message.)
7. 6 people in your profile picture = I don't know who you are. 
8 . If your relationship status says "in a relationship" and your partners still says "single," there may be a problem. 
9. Status updates should not be like reading the plot to a Lifetime movie. 
10. No, I do not want a request to join you on Farmville, Fishville, Boogie-Bots, or anything of the sort. Please stop cluttering up my newsfeed. 
11. You live in Turkey. We have no friends or groups in common. How in the world did you find me on Facebook? 
12. Some applications are spammers waiting to pounce. 
13. Photo tagging can be your worst nightmare. 
14. Teachers, never Facebook friend or accept a request from your High School students. 
15. I hate that your name is as long as a haiku. 
16. There is a newsfeed option to choose whose info/updates you see more or less of. 
17. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is befriending 20+ ladies/men a day, you may need to have a chit chat. 
18. Why did you tag me in your random ol' photo of a grown man wearing a diaper holding a light saber? No thank you. 
19. Facebook chat...Never used it. Probably never will. 
20. Facial recognition could unknowingly tag you into that photo you never wanted your employer to see.
21. Change your password every once in a while. Hackers have been known to get in and spam almost everyone you know. 
22. The selection of "people you may know" are probably all the people you've been trying to forget.
23. If you delete me as a friend, please don't FB message me later. 
24. People can see when you've viewed, but opted not to respond to their FB message. 
25. Check your privacy settings often. The ghost in the machine probably changed them without your permission. 
26. The "Activity Log" displays all of your stalkerish actions. Every. Single. One.

Thank you for reading. Facebook safely.