Sunday, April 6, 2014

Model Behavior: April 2014

Hello blogosphere! Wowzers, Batman! I can't believe I haven't written on my blog since December! I may be hitting you with a few within the next couple of hours to make up for lost time, but I guarantee they will be entertaining!

Lots of changes going on in this here life. A personal spring cleaning, if you will. And it feels good. Plus I have a birthday coming up. I am definitely feeling blessed to see another year. (Birthday treats and freebies don't hurt, either.) I feel like I'm focused on my destined path, with other changes and opportunities just waiting to be discovered and fulfilled. Modeling has been picking up for me recently and I absolutely love it! Some fashion shows I have done have been benefit shows raising money for charities, and that always feels good. I have learned a lot of neat makeup and hair tricks too that I apply to my daily and nightly routines. so many looks; so much fun! Obviously I'm not usually going for the runway bold look, but extra tips and tricks are a gal's best friend. Well, one of them anyway, topping out the list with chocolate, jewelry, and bacon. ;-) Going forward, I plan on documenting and sharing some of my backstage fashion show adventures with you and I hope you enjoy. If you've ever seen America's Next Top Model, towards the end of the season there is often a series of fashion shows the models walk in to test how they fare in that aspect of the fashion industry.

Dress / Jewelry: Flaunt Boutique

In backstage scenes you often see numerous models in cramped spaces and hallways running around in 6 inch heels, half-dressed with a trail of designers adjusting outfits, hairstylists attempting to do last minute hair adjustments, makeup artists applying minor retouches, and fashion show volunteers on walkie-talkies aggressively whispering for models to hurry up to their places. 


It indeed can be as hectic as it looks backstage, but once I, personally, get from behind the curtains, it's rip the runway time. It's a truly exhilarating feeling and I can't wait to see where this journey goes. In hindsight, it's always funny to think about the hours that go into fittings, rehearsal, hair, and makeup for only a handful of minutes on the runway. It's all worth it though; every minute.This has been and is going to be quite the journey. I hope, through this blog, you'll be here with me!

Dress: OuterSkin2
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