Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Vent Blog (8/25)

Ugg. Sometimes you just need to vent when "times is hard". So, without further ado...

-Why is it that you often pay $20-30 for a doctor's visit that consists of approximately 45 minutes of waiting and only about 10 minutes of diagnosis?

-I have nothing against any state. 'Having said that,' I could do without New Jersey drivers in NC.

-I understand that when it rains, drivers should watch their speed and distance even more carefully. But why is it that some drivers get almost catatonic behind the wheel?! That's more likely to cause an accident. Just get out of the way.

-I can't stand people who drive big ol' trucks with the long pick-up back, but who can't drive or park it. I watched as a family stood by and watched a teenager back right into their van as he parked. They were all idiots.

- For the people who cough with their mouths wide open, but when they see someone coming they cover their mouth like they haven't already spewed their germ cloud, I wish I could put all of you in a room together to have your own germ party.

-Why are most of the worst, careless drivers driving a mini-van with some sort of "baby on board" sticker? Asinine.

-People who can't see over the steering wheel, but I can see their beady little eyes in their side mirror, bother me for some reason. I encountered 3 of said drivers today.

-Facebook is eliminating application boxes on FB profiles, which leaves little to view on a friend's page. With constant unhelpful changes, FB is often more trouble than it's worth.

-This guy at my job who's a total creeptastic creeper. Stop eyeballing me!