Wednesday, December 28, 2011

'Caress' (Original Poem 12/28)

Caress - K.G.

I touch your mouth and you beam.
I touch your heart and it sings.
I touch your soul and it speaks to me.
                                   Words only we two can understand.
                                   Words that transcend space and time.

You touch my eyes and they look into you.
You touch my hand and chills ripple through.
You touch my mind and it never forgets you.
                                   Thoughts as sweet and pure as honey.
                                   Thoughts rising like the sun.

Touch me, for we are one.


Mini Vent Blog (12/28)

There are some moments in life that seem to move in slow motion. You can typically rate these moments on a scale of coolness based on how similar they are to the Neo Matrix backbend bullet dodge.

The moment I'm about to refer to was, unfortunately, nothing like that.

After dinner tonight I was winding down and combing my hair when I hit a baby tangle. The comb slipped out of my hand and bounced off my sink counter, ricocheted off of my thigh, once again bounced off the counter and then proceeded to land in the toilet. Seriously? The whole ordeal seemed to last five minutes with me unable to preserve the life of my comb.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

'Fear Itself' (Original Poem 12/6)

Fear Itself - K.G.

I can't escape the fear within
Which darkens my heart and makes my head spin.
It flows freely through each vein
Like a poison claiming its final reign.
It's my friend, and enemy; 
 It knows the deepest depths of me.
It cloaks me in heaviness when I rise
And lurks like a secret behind my eyes.
I try to flee from it with haste
While it drags me in its wake like a cyclone's waste.
On the surface I appear calm and healed
But beneath the surface: A shattered visage battlefield.
Fear is its name, fear is its game. 
Who knew fear could bring so much pain?

'Boom' Goes the Savings

Now I don't usually go for commercials, but the best thing about last month's Black Friday madness wasn't the sales and deals or the mad rush of stampedes with a dash of pepper spray sprinkled in...

...It was this short and comical Walmart commercial. How cute is this lady?! Boom!