Thursday, November 11, 2010

Original Poems (11/11)

The Lesson - K.G.

To grow is to stumble.
Warm hands that smell of love and hope
Pull you to your rise,
As hands of betrayal and unrequited love
Pull you to your fall.
Split, down the center;
Not symmetrically, but jaggedly.
Courage and time, the needle and thread of life,
Sew together the lessons learned,
Leaving behind patches of proof
That to live is to dream, struggle, and learn.

Lady Music - K.G.

She is sultry, warm, and enchanting. 
She rocks your soul 
And chronicles your life. 
Her melody and rhythm cast an entrancing spell.
Ivories tickled, chords strummed,
Big bands and big voices;
Smokey bars filled with jazz and magic.
You are caught in her rapture. 

Sixth Sense - K.G.

Memories of him dance behind my senses;
Fragments of a shattered and hazy dream.

Visions play like a feature film behind my eyes
Of limpid pools the color of envy
That used to look into me, and now look through me.

Salty, sweet kisses that shocked my taste buds to life
And ran slowly, like syrup, through my veins,
As I devoured the candy-coated undoing.

Whispered words of passion and awakening
Out of a mouth carved from perfection,
Withholding secrets of devastation.

Diving into the smell of comfort and the familiar.
Wrapped in a scent that lingers upon my skin
Like early morning dew.

To feel all at once; to feel nothing at all.
Caresses that produced electricity,
Leave only traces of the storm.