Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vent Blog (11/9): Don't Touch My Snacks!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid snacker, I love food, and I am quite the foodie. I can eat my weight in bacon, and my addiction to chocolate could be considered dangerous. If you also throw in the fact that I currently have the metabolism of a Tasmanian Devil, coupled with numerous hours of Modern Dance, you have one hungry lady on your hands. Having said that, I like to eat and snack multiple times a day. However, I was recently reprimanded for eating in my cubicle.

*Mouth dropped, eyes widened*

I was seriously going to town on some pumpkin bread, but I became very moody after this. I had never heard of such a "rule", and not only do I see countless other co-workers eating in their cubes, but the cafeteria offers TO-GO boxes! Where are people eating if they're not taking these boxes back to their desks? The roof? I have started eating larger meals in the cafeteria, but as for the snacks, let's just say there's a reason 'snack' and 'attack' rhyme; don't touch my snacks! Besides, I've been known to beat the system before. *Insert mad scientist laugh here*