Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review - 'Wolf' (1994)

One of my favorite, and also extremely underrated, movies is Wolf (1994). The film stars simply sensational Jack Nicholson and the mesmerizing Michelle Pfeiffer; this marks the second time Nicholson and Pfeiffer have been paired together on screen. Remember 1987's The Witches of Eastwick? Sure you do; who could forget the classic cherry vomiting scene? That scene still sends chills up my spine. I was also first introduced to the name "Sookie" (spelled: Sukie) before it gained mass True Blood popularity.

Alas, I digress.

Nicholson plays editor in chief, Will Randall, who is bitten by a wolf he hits on a snowy night. The movie proceeds to depict Randall's physical transformation triggered by the essence of the creature that bit him, but it also delves into him gaining the inner boost and aggression he needs to take the reigns on his life. Reigns that include starting his own publishing house after the wealthy Alden replaces him with his protégé (Spader). Randall soon begins a romance with Alden's daughter, Laura (Pfeiffer), and as the story continues to unfold, sparks and, eventually, limbs fly.

One of the best lines in the film, and also evidence of the effects of change in Randall due to his transformation into the wolf:

Mary (secretary): "Is the worm turning, Mr. Randall?"
Will Randall: "The worm has turned and it is now packing an Uzi, Mary."
Mary: "It's about fucking time, sir."

So poetic; so beautiful.

There are generally two classic types of werewolf films. You've got your gore, or your over-the-top campiness with special effects that look like they were filmed in someone's kitchen pantry. Wolf isn't your average werewolf film; there's romance, action, comedy, and the dynamic acting talents of Nicholson, Pfeiffer, Christopher Plummer, and a very hunky 90s James Spader. (Ooh la la) There are surprising plot twists left and right, and character developments that always leave me on the edge of my seat. The special effects were, in my opinion, very well done, with Nicholson's half man-half wolf phase looking fantastically horrifying.