Sunday, April 6, 2014

Model Behavior: April 2014

Hello blogosphere! Wowzers, Batman! I can't believe I haven't written on my blog since December! I may be hitting you with a few within the next couple of hours to make up for lost time, but I guarantee they will be entertaining!

Lots of changes going on in this here life. A personal spring cleaning, if you will. And it feels good. Plus I have a birthday coming up. I am definitely feeling blessed to see another year. (Birthday treats and freebies don't hurt, either.) I feel like I'm focused on my destined path, with other changes and opportunities just waiting to be discovered and fulfilled. Modeling has been picking up for me recently and I absolutely love it! Some fashion shows I have done have been benefit shows raising money for charities, and that always feels good. I have learned a lot of neat makeup and hair tricks too that I apply to my daily and nightly routines. so many looks; so much fun! Obviously I'm not usually going for the runway bold look, but extra tips and tricks are a gal's best friend. Well, one of them anyway, topping out the list with chocolate, jewelry, and bacon. ;-) Going forward, I plan on documenting and sharing some of my backstage fashion show adventures with you and I hope you enjoy. If you've ever seen America's Next Top Model, towards the end of the season there is often a series of fashion shows the models walk in to test how they fare in that aspect of the fashion industry.

Dress / Jewelry: Flaunt Boutique

In backstage scenes you often see numerous models in cramped spaces and hallways running around in 6 inch heels, half-dressed with a trail of designers adjusting outfits, hairstylists attempting to do last minute hair adjustments, makeup artists applying minor retouches, and fashion show volunteers on walkie-talkies aggressively whispering for models to hurry up to their places. 


It indeed can be as hectic as it looks backstage, but once I, personally, get from behind the curtains, it's rip the runway time. It's a truly exhilarating feeling and I can't wait to see where this journey goes. In hindsight, it's always funny to think about the hours that go into fittings, rehearsal, hair, and makeup for only a handful of minutes on the runway. It's all worth it though; every minute.This has been and is going to be quite the journey. I hope, through this blog, you'll be here with me!

Dress: OuterSkin2
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Supernatural 9.9 -"Holy Terror" Recap *Spoilers

*SPOILERS: If you have not yet seen Supernatural episode 9.9 “Holy Terror” do NOT read any further…

If I’ve learned anything from watching eight years’ worth of Supernatural, it’s that: my heart is bound to get broken on countless occasions; forming attachments with loveable, awesome characters may end in tragic loss; angels and demons are all dicks; there can never be too many hugs shared between Sam and Dean; and the Breather episodes interspersed between the heavy, emotional episodes are literally like gasps of air in a sinking dilemma. With that being said, last night’s fall finale episode “Holy Terror” brought with it a devious identity revelation of angelic proportions and the shocking death Kevin Tran.

After Sam’s physical and mental fallout from the Trials, Dean manipulated Sam into allowing the angel “Ezekiel” to enter him to seemingly heal them both from the inside. For months Dean was weighed down with the lie staring him straight in the face, literally acting as a barrier between him and Sammy. At first, “Ezekiel” appeared to have Dean and Sam’s best interests in mind by physically defending Dean after answering his prayer, resurrecting both Castiel and Charlie, and always keeping Sam safe. However, he also displayed a suspiciously strong self-preservation instinct when it came to Castiel’s presence and being discovered by other angels. That suspicion was confirmed last night when “Ezekiel” was actually revealed to be Gadriel, the angel who fell asleep on the job and allowed the Serpent to enter the Garden of Eden and fudge up things for the rest of humanity. Gadriel was locked up in Heaven’s deepest dungeon for his failure, but fell to earth, injured, with the other angels. He took on the deceased Ezekiel’s identity to make amends for his past actions since Ezekiel was known as a noble angel and soldier in Heaven.

After being kidnapped and tortured by angels in the ensuing battle between Bartholomew and Malachi’s angelic forces, Castiel outwits one of his captors and takes his grace, once again imbuing Castiel with powers. Castiel lets Dean know that Ezekiel died in the fall from heaven and could not have been the one to have helped Sam. Dean seeks Kevin’s help in an attempt to create a sigil in order to talk to Sam without “Ezekiel” interfering. Unfortunately, Dean and Kevin’s conversation is overheard by Gadriel, he impersonates Sam, and he breaks a line in the sigill marking. (It’s worth mentioning that this moment is marked with acting brilliance as Jared Padalecki plays Sam, playing Ezekiel, pretending to be Sam. Whew!) Though at first declaring that he is not a killer, Gadriel chooses to prove his loyalty to Metatron, in an attempt to get back up to heaven, by killing Kevin. After burning out Kevin’s eyes, Gadriel pins a previously incapacitated Dean against the wall and then takes the Tablet, leaving Dean grieving over Kevin’s dead body.

Displaying 1476384_548345991914143_1669258218_n.jpg
The preview for the next episode premiering in January showed Castiel in his illustrious trench coat as he and Dean seek Crowley’s help in stopping Gadriel, within Sam’s body. Viewers see Sam in a torture device similar to that used on Samandriel when Crowley tortured him for information on the other seven prophets. It is hard to tell whether Castiel will be able to resurrect Kevin, but I hope so. And if the void of Kevin as prophet remains, it will be interesting to see if writers bring in another prophet. As was stated in 8.7 “A Little Slice of Kevin” only one prophet can be active at a time. Sort of like Buffy; however, if you remember, when Buffy died and was resuscitated, that allowed two Slayers to be active at one time from then on. I’m just bouncing ideas around because I was so shocked and hurt to see Kevin die so gruesomely after all the good he has done, and Dean letting him know that he is family. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen, often it’s those closest to Sam and Dean, whom they consider family, who meet unfortunate, untimely ends.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you think Castiel will bring Kevin back?

Friday, November 29, 2013


This month I had the opportunity to geek out so hard that I could barely contain my phaser beam. Hehe. I jest, but in all seriousness, NC Comicon was so cool that I've been grinning and talking about it for weeks now. There were thousands of fans there, mostly all strangers, yet there was a strong sense of camaraderie in the air and photos being taken together at every turn. It was fantastic! The three day event began with a NC Comicon Pre Party on Friday, November 8 at the Armory, and Saturday and Sunday was the big show! I found out about this awesome event on Friday so I wasn't able to join in on the festivities until Sunday. However, next year it is on all weekend!

The Durham Convention Center was jam packed with comic book fans sporting costumes from almost every comic book, graphic novel, manga and comic TV/cartoon series you can think of. I was dressed as Lieutenant Uhura. :) There were informative panels; comic book artists, writers, and publishers; art contests; new and vintage comics, action figures; a LEGO room; the Batmobile; a costume contest for all the stellar costumes; and a film festival!

Over the last four years NC Comicon has consistently grown into its own entity that has taken over the Durham Convention Center, nearby hotels, and has partnered with the Carolina Theater to provide a film festival including classics like Dick Tracy, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, The Crow, etc. I got to watch one of my favorite films, The Crow, in 35 mm on the big screen! I was transported back to 1994 and felt the sadness all over again of the loss of Brandon Lee-an actor and man with so much promise, taken too soon from this world. NC Comicon gave me the opportunity to watch him once again.

If you ever want to get lost in a room, it is most definitely the LEGO room.The pub setting for Shaun of the Dead was recreated in Legos. And there were Minions the size of Cabbage Patch Dolls! If you missed this year's NC Comicon, don't fret! NC Comicon is coming back next year on November 15-November 16 2014. Make sure to get your tickets and hotel reservations in advance! See you there, friends.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Power of Pie

Chef Pierre Pre-Sliced Pie. Who knew such a tiny thing could cause a small stampede? Every year my job graciously offers sweet treats for all major holidays. However, it is the Thanksgiving pie treat I wait all year for. I even put it in my calendar next to the entry of my Thanksgiving to-do list. There is a sweet potato, pumpkin, and pecan pie option. Pecan pie is immediately eliminated for me due to my allergy to nuts, pumpkin pie is yummy, but it is the warm sweet potato pie covered with whipped cream that has me fist pumping the air. Today there was an email sent out after the scheduled offering of pie that there were leftover boxes of whole pies remaining on a first come, first serve basis. Apparently I was not alone in my heartfelt love for CP pie because as I made my way down the stairs a small stampede ensued, gradually picking up speed, with people from departments I had never even seen before hustling to grab a pie. I was about five people away from getting a pie, but my delight over the swift, ninja-like moves of fellow coworkers made my day. Though not quite as intense, to get a better idea of what I mean, if you've ever seen Fun With Dick and Jane, it went a little something like this (minus the fire extinguisher):

I tell ya. That pie is really something. ;-)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Drop Dead Diva: One More Thing...

The irony of the "Stacy is so...kind!" comments flooding in during episode 5.10 "The Kiss" was not lost on me. Considering this is the same person who fooled around with her co-star, got a big head, alienated her friends, attacked a real star, and kissed Grayson, all while dating Fred in season 3, makes Stacy the epitome of stank. However, when Fred returned to Heaven and took her memory of him, she got what I consider a restart on her life and from all the selfish choices she had made. I'll admit, Jane kissing Grayson on her wedding day to Owen was vile. However, she tried to make true amends to Owen (who made some mistakes of his own during the engagement period) and give him space to decide what he wanted to do moving forward. Therefore, the writers' current attempt to make Jane seem like the lowest of the low, in a perpetual state of atonement, while everyone around seems to commend Stacy's choice to get knocked up by and begin a relationship with her best friend (and roomate's) ex-fiance, is sloppy writing at its finest. The ratings have plummeted and I'm not surprised. No viewer appreciates their intelligence being insulted; especially not this viewer. This season has three more episodes with the season finale 5.13 titled "Jane's Secret Revealed." That seems to imply all Heaven is about to break loose with the possibility of a return from Fred not too hard to imagine. At this point, a cameo from Fred or Jane getting feisty and standing up for herself are the only two things that could really resuscitate this show for me. I don't need to see Jane ride off into the sunset with some man because, honestly, none of the former suitors of Jane are above par to me. And I think Jane has lost a lot of herself (x2) in her quest to pin down a love. We'll see what these next episodes hold. We shall also see if DDD gets a renewal for next summer....

Monday, October 14, 2013

Drop Dead Diva: Pain and Jane

In a Facebook Q&A with Drop Dead Diva creator Josh Berman last night, Berman asked fans to give him four more episodes to wrap up the current dysfunctional storyline, which has been alienating many viewers, revolving around the capricious love triangle between Jane, Owen, and Stacy.  If it takes four more episodes, on top of the five already aired episodes, to tie up a storyline which has played out like a tasteless soap opera, you've most likely jumped the shark and I imagine the wrap-up will just be a cliffhanging ploy to get fans to tune in for season 6, pending renewal. As I posted on the DDD Facebook page, ever since Fred left, the show has lost a many of its moral elements and no longer depicts characters attempting to better themselves. The season started off strong with the return of Old Jane (Natalie Hall) and I would very much love to see her return. However, lately DDD has felt like a relay race. Often there will be a very promising storyline within reach, and then it is released in favor of a more melodramatic, unappealing storyline. Case in point:

·         Stacy established her own mature identity with the Pakery, an original idea merging cakes and pies. However, she then gets discouraged, sells the Pakery and, on a whim, decides she wants to be a mother. She slithers back into Jane/Deb’s (love)life, asking Owen for his sperm. Her donor choice is also glaringly questionable considering Owen’s heart related health issues which she was privy to when Owen left Jane high and dry immediately after their engagement. Stacy clearly has no life of her own outside of Jane’s bubble to find a new beau to make babies with. She, more than Jane, should be out on blind dates.

·         Fred is back on “soul return” desk duty, but did he retain all of his memories from his time on earth? Can he still see what’s going on in Jane’s life from above? Just find a way to bring back Fred, even if only recurring.

·         Brittany, aka Old Jane, had her own personality and ended up connecting with Jane in a positive way. And though their paths probably shouldn’t cross too often considering the body-switching circumstances, if we have to sit through Grayson reuniting with his pregnant ex-fiancĂ©e, we could use some more Jane/Brittany time.

·         Last season Harrison and Kim made a baby and Harrison made her partner. This season? Harrison is written off like a deadbeat dad and boyfriend who essentially chooses one child over the other, leaves his pregnant girlfriend high and dry, and turns his back on the firm it took him years to establish.

·         The sassiness of Terri has barely seen the light of day this season. However, her scene during the “hostile takeover” phone call last night was a refreshing escape from the gloomy scene of Jane confronting Owen and Stacy on a date, while subsequently getting her car stolen.

·         Just when Luke was trying to be a better guardian angel to jane, Paul comes along and is so much more self-absorbed than Luke ever was that it’s hard to take his role seriously or believe that he finished baking upstairs.

·         The lack of any musical dream sequences or comedic guest stars has eliminated much of the unique, quirky nature of the show.

·         Madchen Amick’s character Gina Blunt appeared to be an evil counterpart to the guardian angel, Luke. It would have been interesting to explore the opposite end of the spectrum of “dark side” characters attempting to thwart the work of the angels.

Many viewers defend the chaos of this season of DDD citing that this type of love triangle dysfunction is reality. Well, last I checked, souls popping into lifeless bodies at the press of the big “return” key in the sky isn’t realistic, so I’ll take my DDD with a little less soap opera overkill and a little more quirky fun which originally made the show a hit. Last week saw the lowest ratings for Drop Dead Diva in all 5 seasons, so hopefully Berman has some aces up his sleeve to resuscitate this show.