'Hate' is a strong word, but I really, really, really don't like...

In no particular order this is, you guessed it, a hate list. This will also be an ongoing list, but maybe not as frequent as my great list, "The Greats". Be sure to check that out. ;) 

1. When people continue talking after they get that awful bubble in their throat that makes them sound like Kermit the Frog. 
2. People who feel it necessary to comment on my weight or size. I eat more and look better than you. So there. Haha
3. Anyone who hurts an animal. I want to throw you in a pool of bear traps. 
4. Finding that awful purple and white diarrhea-like bird poop on my car. 
5. Adulterers and people who cheat, of either gender.
6. Bicyclists who ride on the road when there's a sidewalk two feet away. "Hey, bicyclist. You're not a legal vehicle. Get out of the way! 
7. Those bugs that sit outside of your window and buzz/hiss incessantly!
8. SPIDERS! It's serious. I couldn't even look at that spider in "Harry Potter". Unfortunately, I now know what a camel spider is. They eat the camels!! Thank you Stephani for the spider Google image search torture fest. Hahaha. Scarred for life! 
9. When men wear skinny jeans. 
10. When said skinny jeans are worn sagged so tightly below the butt that it looks like Pillsbury biscuits busting out. Gross. 
11. Unless you're Magnum P.I., "taco meat" hanging out is not a good look. 
12. When rubber bands snap and hit your hand or finger leaving a stinging, red welp. 
13. 1000 year old, germy, staple covered outguides. 
14. People often make weird bee lines towards wherever they're going, and practically swerve right in to my cubie. Ugh. 
15. Those tiny wipers on some cars' headlights. Seriously? What purpose do they actually serve? They look ridiculous. 
16. I'm not happy about the crazy space formatting occuring in "The Greats" :( 
17. Ear piercing holes the size of a quarter, or larger!. Gag. Those look so unsanitary and the process to achieve that size must have been torturous. 
18. When I introduce myself as 'Kimberly' and people immediately call me 'Kim'. Please don't. 
19. I get so annoyed when I see random people (mostly men) walking through Peace College's campus parking lot to get to the bus stop. It's private property! 
20. Police intimidation. I hate when police tailgate or go slow as if to intimidate other drivers from passing them. 
21. People who, rather than smoking at the bench next to the ash tray stand, smoke at the smoker (un)friendly bench. Grr.
22. I hate when someone stands less than a few inches away from you in a grocery or food line. Personal bubble space, please! 
23. Why is it that these days after a guy asks for your phone number, the first thing he does is text you? He might as well have asked for your email address. 
24. I hate walking into a spider's web right in my doorway. It gives me the heebie-jeebies!
25. Spelling errors in news stories or professional websites. Isn't that what proofreading and editors are for? Sheesh. 
26. The words "buoyancy" and "moist"
27. Why is the first day of Autumn 90+ degrees?
28. When your lips make that funny smacking sound when you finish taking a drink from a bottle.