Saturday, October 30, 2010

Year (Thus Far) In Review

2010 = The Future

RIP to all those who lost and sacrificed their lives in the tragic and devastating 9/11 bombings.

This year is seemingly flying by. This is often said, but Spring was just here. Seriously. 

Give it up for another blistering, humid North Carolina summer, complete with flying insects that feasted upon my flesh. Ugg. 

April has been the most memorable month of the year for me. 

I have been at my current FT job for a little over a year now, and PT job for two years. 

Almost half of my high school graduating class is currently either married, engaged to be married, planning a wedding, parents, or....wishing they were back in high school. Haha. Yowza! 

Summer doesn't feel quite complete without splashing in some waves, tan lines (as thin as possible), and finding sand in the battery compartment of your digital camera. Awesome.

Birthdays are awesome and I've enjoyed every special one this year thus far!  

No one ever mentions that a lot of the "other fish in the sea" are also the equivalent of Spam of the sea. Tsk. 

Some people are like poppy seeds. They can sure make a bagel taste delicious, but then they get caught in your teeth and then it's just a polka dot party in your mouth.

Blogging has become a favorite hobby. :)

I was introduced to, and love SUSHI!! 

I have been randomly yelled at twice in the parking lot of my job. Hmmm. Once was blamed on the devil. Seriously? *Insert 5 strangers and an elevator here*. Also, I wasn't physically in my car either time so I guess my driving skills are still above par? Yowza!

Excuse me, I just tweeted. ;)

I worked with choreographer Mark Dendy, and performed at the NC Museum of Art re-opening. Cool!

I met a great, standup guy this fall. While he had a girlfriend, he more so served as a beacon of hope that there are good guys out there...who actually like their girlfriends. Go figure.

I saw 'Star Wars in Concert' this summer!! Friggin' amazing! :) 

In NFL news: Between injury, allegations of misconduct, dissension between him and his coach, and his future playing time now questioned, this has been a tough season for Brett Favre. In the past, the death of his father and his wife's breast cancer diagnosis were hurdles Brett had to get over during his career. He made it through those, and as a Brett Favre fan, I'm hoping he comes through this current season right side up. 

Temperature highs in the 80s in October are leaving me wondering if this winter is going to pack any kind of a punch. 

In social networking news: Despite the recent release of The Social Network, the story of the creation and rise of Facebook, by creator, Mark Zuckerberg, I believe Twitter usage numbers soar above those of its social networking predecessor. 

Irony: 'Dogs' (of the canine variety) are consistent, dependable, honest, and loving. If more men came this way, I'd have no problems at all.