Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodreads: For the Bookworm at Heart

I discovered, a social network for readers, by happenstance while reading a graphic novel blog. The blogger's homepage had a Goodreads widget, and from there I dove right in and signed up. In addition to the usual posting of book titles you've read, are currently reading, and want to read, there are quizzes, trivia, giveaways, book clubs and groups, ways to connect with other readers all over the world, and a writer's corner for submitting your own personal work. I have already made some "friends" with similar reading interests, including one of my favorite authors! How awesome. You can adjust the frequency and type of notifications you receive about friends and authors you are following on such tidbits as blog posts, new "reading now" books, and the latest reviews. I have always had a crazy obsession with bookshelves. There is just something simplistically beautiful about the organized look of shelves brimming with colorful book spines and ornamented book stands. Goodreads provides a digital version of a bookshelf. It displays the covers of all the books in your library along with your reviews, ratings, dates of completion, and many other nifty things. My inner bookworm can sometimes barely contain the excitement of finding out about the latest or upcoming installment in a series by one of my favorite authors!

I utilize VisualBookshelf on Facebook, but it has no widget capability, and I very much want to display my adventures in reading on personal pages and other locations other than just Facebook. That seemed to involve installing another Facebook application, which I'm typically wary of, or creating a LivingSocial account. The account is all well and good, but Goodreads provides so much more in one easy click of a button. I highly recommend Goodreads. Even if you don't like to read as a hobby, you may be surprised at what peeks your interest when you see the assortment of books floating around. You can check out my GR profile by clicking the bottom button on my 'Kimster's Bookworm Corner' Goodreads widget on my homepage. Happy reading!