Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Doesn't Always Mean Better

"Takers" review....

I saw "Takers" this weekend. It indeed contained a huge cast, but this can be inferred from the trailers. There were celebrities coming out of the wazoo! If I didn't know everyone's real name, I at least know television shows or movies they've been in. However, as my cousin and I discussed, despite the colorful cast, the acting in the beginning was sub-par. Although the plot flowed, for the most part, I felt that with so many stars running around, some of the storylines never came to fruition. That's not to say that the future DVD won't possess deleted scenes and what have you, but I feel as if I'm left with several questions. On the other hand, the action scenes were great; very high adrenalin and very well done. There were also quite a few, which was nice to see. I enjoyed "Takers" and it's a movie I'll watch again, but probably not until it comes on Starz or HBO. This review is, of course, only my opinion. "Takers" is in theaters now to see it and judge for yourself.

Poem of the Day (8/29)

E.E. Cummings has always been one of my favorite poets. Although I am a stickler for punctuation, his utilization of lowercase letters, and his eccentricity with punctuation has always fascinated and interested me. And this is in addition to the captivating content and uniqueness of his writing. "may i feel said he" and "next to of course god america i" are among my favorite poems by Cummings. While watching the film "In Her Shoes" today, the poem "i carry your heart" is read during a wedding ceremony. Though I've heard and read it before, it very much touched me today. Enjoy.

ee cummings - i carry your heart

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Greats

I've decided to create a "great list". There are many things that make me smile or stand out to me. This will be an on-going list with no particular order; besides, I'm known for my randomness. ;) Enjoy.

1. Trailers and previews that have a Florence and the Machine soundtrack playing in the background.

2. The phrase "cut of his jib"

3. Jack Bauer & Chuck Norris.

4. When people refer to movies like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Piranha 3D" as 'date movies'

5. When people know what I mean when I refer to "The Hat Squad".

6. Beating guys in games I've never played before. :)

7. Kit from "Knight Rider" will always be the coolest car...ever!

8. Chef Boyardee hands.

9. Delicious, familiar, and alluring aromas or scents!

10. Is "lip of the hole" really a golfing term? I realize this is in the form of a question, but the reporter was so excited when he said it. Hi-larious!

11. Finding a crazy cool deal on shoes.

12. Video game demos that play out like movies.

13. Finding new bars or dance clubs!

14. Roasts: Of the edible and comedic variety.

15. When a celebrity's award acceptance speech gets cut short by 'the music' that basically means, "it's time for you to shut it."

16. Blogging.

17. "True Blood" (In novel and/or television form)

18. Getting drunk enough to break-dance.


20. Era themed weddings.

21. Celebrating birthdays.

22. Breakfast buffets.

23. "Pineapple Express" (Hilarious movie)

24. Shia LaBeouf's mug-shot. A-dorable.

25. The Cupcake Shoppe.

26. Bow-legged men. (See Jensen Ackles)

27. Sneakers (Especially high-tops.)

28. Trolly Stop 'Surfer Dog'. I think I died and went to hot dog heaven!! Yummers!

29. Seeing elderly couples that are so in love and are so sweet.

30. "Beauty and the Beast" the television show from 1987. I don't think I've ever seen a show that possessed such poignancy and depth. Vincent & Catherine's love is awe-inspiring.

31. The scene from "Drag Me to Hell" when the old lady is attacking the girl in her car and proceeds to gum her face. LOL!!

32. The iconic 'boom-box' scene from "Say Anything". Realistically and sadly, something like this doesn't happen enough.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Vent Blog (8/25)

Ugg. Sometimes you just need to vent when "times is hard". So, without further ado...

-Why is it that you often pay $20-30 for a doctor's visit that consists of approximately 45 minutes of waiting and only about 10 minutes of diagnosis?

-I have nothing against any state. 'Having said that,' I could do without New Jersey drivers in NC.

-I understand that when it rains, drivers should watch their speed and distance even more carefully. But why is it that some drivers get almost catatonic behind the wheel?! That's more likely to cause an accident. Just get out of the way.

-I can't stand people who drive big ol' trucks with the long pick-up back, but who can't drive or park it. I watched as a family stood by and watched a teenager back right into their van as he parked. They were all idiots.

- For the people who cough with their mouths wide open, but when they see someone coming they cover their mouth like they haven't already spewed their germ cloud, I wish I could put all of you in a room together to have your own germ party.

-Why are most of the worst, careless drivers driving a mini-van with some sort of "baby on board" sticker? Asinine.

-People who can't see over the steering wheel, but I can see their beady little eyes in their side mirror, bother me for some reason. I encountered 3 of said drivers today.

-Facebook is eliminating application boxes on FB profiles, which leaves little to view on a friend's page. With constant unhelpful changes, FB is often more trouble than it's worth.

-This guy at my job who's a total creeptastic creeper. Stop eyeballing me!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bystander Effect in Real Time

The Bystander Effect (bystander apathy) has always intrigued and disturbed me. It is also known as the diffusion of responsibility. I always found this social behavior interesting because it demonstrates that the greater number of people around, especially in a large anonymous crowd, the less likely that any one of them will provide aid because the responsibility is diffused within the entire crowd, each assuming the other will take action; the sense of individual responsibility is decreased.

One of the most well-known cases that sparked the study of the bystander effect is that of Kitty Genovese who was murdered outside of her home in Queens, NY in 1964. It is reported that although neighbors of Genovese heard her cry for help, and one even called authorities, her injuries and the attack weren't given serious consideration. This has always disturbed me.

I witnessed this phenomenon while at the beach. A mother of five children realized that her 5 year old son was missing. I could see the panic and horror build in her as she looked frantically around the bodies of hundreds of people across an extensive stretch of beach. As her screams for her son and whether anyone had seen him increased, I began looking around for a little boy, but I also noticed other adults hardly moving besides the family I was with and another mother who had a child who apparently resembled the missing boy. Between the waves and the number of people on the beach, I couldn't help but worry about the safety of the boy. I proceeded to call 911 as the woman's husband ran down the beach searching; the mother was in complete disarray. Fortunately, the child was found several yards away from his family, but safe. Afterward, I noticed that the people around when the mother was panicking were basically standing around in the same positions, some even looking at the mother as if she had overreacted. They had hardly moved a muscle to even look around for the boy. This angered me because I cannot even imagine the horror of losing your child amongst hundreds of people in a natural environment that could be dangerous for not only a child, but even an adult.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love...Blog? :)

I have been considering reading Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert. While at first glance and overview this memoir seems like just what I need right now, the actual prospect of a year long trip on the other side of the world in this economy, described in her memoir, is almost fantastical; plus, I don't have a lucrative Oprah backed book deal. Hmmm.

I think the bigger consideration is the amount of Feminist and socioeconomic criticisms I found directed at this book. While a few, I will admit, initially crossed my mind, this is not to say that I have not read many positive reviews also; bestseller type reviews. Nevertheless, I will remain an impartial reader. This should make for a very interesting read if for nothing else then for the articles and studies I have found stemming from the memoir. I feel now as if I am also reading it for research. More to come. Check back soon for a review....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Raleigh Wide Open 2010

I attended Raleigh Wide Open yesterday. It is an annual festival, going five years strong now, that lasted from 11 am to 11 pm in downtown Raleigh. The festivities started with a parade on Fayetteville St. and ended with fireworks. Although I did not stay from start to finish, I dropped in during the afternoon. Although the temperature and breeze were nice, the rain was not fun. There were umbrella collisions left and right and the loss of an eye was almost attained more than once. But between the drizzle of rain and being baked to a crisp by a 90+ sun, the rain was not so bad. Yesterday I could have done without having to step over numerous couples sitting on the sidewalk, or that awkward moment when you find yourself in the middle of lovers' locked hands in the middle of a clustered street, however. But that is the draw of RWO I suppose; a break away from the stresses of the work week and some fun as the summer winds down.

I learned about this event through my friend Amy who owns Amy's Creative Corner and was a vendor there. Her art is phenomenal and I hope everyone there got the opportunity to visit and purchase some of her work!

I believe that the various vendors were told that they would have until 5:00 to leave their merchandise out, but around 4:15, I heard many grumblings and sighs of disappoint as vendors began taking down their booths after receiving instructions from those in charge of the event. I was told by one vendor that "the circus was in town", which I took as a sarcastic jab of irritation, but I believe he spoke in sincerity. I think the circus did come through; the City Plaza Maximus Circus to be exact. Not very surprising because there was some of almost everything out there at RWO yesterday. Music flowing through the streets, street performers, food that had your mouth watering as the scents filled your nose, art, fashion, an inflatable Hurricanes kids area, BMX motorcyclists, and much more. The colors catching your eye as you walked down the street was wonderful. Still, advance notice to the vendors would have been greatly appreciated, I'm sure.

I am very glad I attended RWO. I got to be a part of a magic trick; nothing too fancy, but I was surprised and I love surprises. The experience in itself was fun and I very much plan on attending next year.