Monday, August 5, 2013

Drop Dead Diva 5.7 "Miss Congeniality" (Spoilers)

I just watched Drop Dead Diva, and Stacy and this spur of the moment desire to have a baby makes me want to vomit. Actually this whole storyline is nauseating. Stacy violated every rule of friendship. Asking Jane for her "blessing" for Owen's sperm and then lying to Owen that Jane gave said "blessing" made it very difficult to finish this episode. However, for the sake of this blog post, I figured I'd watch it in its entirety. Bad idea. Stacy then expected Jane's sympathy over Owen's initial rejection, and viewers were forced to watch an illogical scene of selfish, nonsensical moping and unnecessary empathy on Jane's part. What has happened to this show?!

Jane tells Owen that if he wants them to be together and someday start a family then she's ready, but if they're really over then be "the real Owen" and give Stacy the baby she deserves.

Umm, what? I thought the "real Owen" would be more willing to attempt to work things out with Jane (the woman he clearly still loves) before bringing a baby into the world with her best friend/roommate. Dysfunction and discombobulated writing at it's finest.

Owen tells Stacy yes because apparently Stacy doesn't have enough of a life (despite selling her business) to find a new man of her own. Teri knew it wasn't right and told Jane to knock some sense into her. The fact that Jane has yet to realize that Stacy is a horrible friend, despite how highly intelligent and perceptive Jane is, baffles my mind. The episode ends with Jane embracing a giddy Skankcy while holding back her hurt and watching Owen give her a nod, which I can only describe as uber awkward, considering the circumstances. I think seeing that Jane and Stacy return to being BFF again in the preview for next Sunday's episode, along with random male strippers, makes me lose even more interest in staying tuned to DDD because if there's one thing I can't stand, it's a TV show insulting my intelligence. There's only so much ridiculous drama I can take. Oh yeah and Kim's still pregnant, only now her father is her new roommate, and Grayson is still a man-whore pooping where he eats. As far as summer finales go, you probably won't catch me on the other side of this season's.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you agree with Owen's choice to father Stacy's baby? Should Jane have given Owen her "blessing"?