Friday, August 2, 2013

Drop Dead Diva 5.6 "Fool For Love" (Spoilers)

**Update 8/2
We are less than 48 hours away from Drop Dead Diva episode 5.7, Miss Congeniality. The plot will be revolving around the left field twist of Stacy wanting Owen's sperm in order to birth the 'perfect' baby. If you haven't been paying attention to her storyline, Stacy attempted to be an actress, cheated on Fred, made out with Grayson, started a pakery business, sold the pakery business, wants a ba--SQUIRREL! Sorry, I got distracted. She now wants a baby. Oh boy. A preview was uploaded on Facebook, and just like I predicted Stacy accuses Jane of not truly wanting to be with Owen or she would never have kissed Grayson.

S: "Do you really think that I would have even asked if I thought for one second that you and Owen would get back together again?"

J: "Excuse me?"

S: "Jane, I don't believe that you still believe that you're gonna marry Owen. In fact, I don't even think that you want to marry Owen because if you had you would have nevvvver kissed Grayson."

J: "How dare you."

S: "How dare you! You are denying me the best, available genetic material for no good reason!"

The irony is that Fred did some guardian angel memory mojo on Stacey to forget about him and their relationship after she cheated on him, broke his heart, and tried to win him back.I guess she never wanted to be with him either. Needless to say, this storyline is wonky and unnecessary.

How do you feel about the DDD sperm donor storyline? What do you think of Stacy's actions? Do you think Owen will say yes?


Maybe I'm not radical or quirky enough because the latest two major twists in Drop Dead Diva left me very disappointed. Has Drop Dead Diva jumped the shark? Is that what we've come to?! Coming off of last week when I was practically clicking my heels at the potential for Jane and Owen reconciling, I am now not left on the edge of my seat, but rather left with a lacking interest in seeing what comes next.

1. If you haven't noticed in my previous DDD posts, I am not a Stacy fan. Tonight, Stacy once again shows her selfish, shallow side (remember her cheating on Fred, and making out with Grayson?) as she tells Jane that she has decided that she wants Owen to be her sperm donor. Uh, seriously? What kind of friend is that? Mind you, she was only hours before advising Jane to touch Owen in order to re-ignite their spark.

2. Oh and speaking of sparks, Jane felt a spark upon accidentally touching Grayson, but not when she touched Owen. So we're back to that plot point, I guess. Womp. Clearly there would be an attraction to Grayson because they have history, but for there to all of a sudden be no spark with Owen is just wrong.

The preview clip for next week shows Stacy asking Owen for his sperm, despite Jane's hurt and disgust over the prospect. All the men in the world and Stacy picks the man her best friend is in love with? And not only men, we've had guardian angels inside her own home, one of which she completely blew it. Based on her actions, if Fred does make another cameo appearance, she definitely does not deserve him. Paul may not be the sharpest spoon in the drawer but I think this episode proved that he is very insightful, caring and loyal. But, no. Stacy wants Owen's sperm. I'm assuming she'll use some argument that Jane is the selfish one and if she truly appreciated Owen she never would have kissed Grayson, so why not let her have his sperm? Ugh. I'm hoping Stacy propositioning Owen for his sperm will help him realize that in having children, he'd want to have them with Jane.