Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yancy's Review

Yancy's Jazz and Blues Cafe used to be located in downtown Raleigh. As a restaurant and jazz club, this was one of my favorite places to have parties and meet up with friends for a night out on the town! Throw on a snazzy dress, delight in savory food, listen as the sound of smooth jazz floods the room, and even get in some dancing. Unfortunately, YJBC closed down in 2008 after filing for bankruptcy when the economy was hitting large establishments pretty hard. Recently, the jazz club, now known as just Yancy's, reopened on Rock Quarry Road. The atmosphere was very different from that of downtown. Aside from the space being noticeably smaller, I felt that, as opposed to a snazzy dress, jeans could suffice. True, I was there for a Sunday brunch, but I could tell that the nightlife would probably not be anything like that of downtown Yancy's. In addition, the food was only sub-par. Cold mini pancakes? Turkey bacon as the only bacon option? No banana pudding should only consist of mushy wafer cookies and banana jello pudding. Gross. The service was also very disappointing. With the popularity of Yancy's, I am certain that large parties dine often. My party was large due to a family reunion, and our waitress had a snottier attitude than a head cold! Rude. All in all, I was rather disappointed with the new Yancy's. I understand that times can be hard, but I had high expectations and was very excited to have my place back. Making a reappearance, at this time, is questionable.

  • Side note: I wrote this blog from my revamped laptop!! Awesome!
  • Super side note: Shawn Spencer on "Psych" used one of my favorite phrases: "Cut of his jib"! Nice.