Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Doesn't Always Mean Better

"Takers" review....

I saw "Takers" this weekend. It indeed contained a huge cast, but this can be inferred from the trailers. There were celebrities coming out of the wazoo! If I didn't know everyone's real name, I at least know television shows or movies they've been in. However, as my cousin and I discussed, despite the colorful cast, the acting in the beginning was sub-par. Although the plot flowed, for the most part, I felt that with so many stars running around, some of the storylines never came to fruition. That's not to say that the future DVD won't possess deleted scenes and what have you, but I feel as if I'm left with several questions. On the other hand, the action scenes were great; very high adrenalin and very well done. There were also quite a few, which was nice to see. I enjoyed "Takers" and it's a movie I'll watch again, but probably not until it comes on Starz or HBO. This review is, of course, only my opinion. "Takers" is in theaters now to see it and judge for yourself.