Saturday, June 5, 2010

Full Moon

This is a list of my Top 5 film werewolf transformations (#1 being the best). Thoughts?

1. Werewolf Hunter: The Legend of Romasanta - There's just something about watching the bones, blood, and flesh of a person reshape in the rain that leaves you with goosebumps.

2. American Werewolf in London - As awesome as this film is, it is also quite scary. However, the detail in every aspect of the transformation is pure genius. 

3. The Howling - This transformation definitely freaked me out because it's so well done and the creature is so nightmarish.

4. The Wolfman (2010) - This is one of the more recent werewolf  transformation scenes, and I feel that the transformation is a well done balance of CGI and above par acting from Benicio Del Toro.

5. Van Helsing (2004) - The pain that must come from ripping your flesh off to reveal the essence of a werewolf lurking underneath is almost unimaginable. 

(Side Note:) While Dog Soldiers doesn't include actual transformations, I couldn't help but to at least give some mention to those werewolves. Their beast-like size and intelligence make them that much more frightening.

Unauthorized Searches

My latest visit with friends to Regal North Hills Cinema was a bit of a fiasco. Not only did I stumble upon a $2.00 ticket price increase from just a couple of months prior and prohibition of student ID usage on Friday and Saturdays, but my friends and I were stopped for a purse search of outside food and/or beverages. In addition, we were stopped a few yards away from the door but only after the $10.00 tickets were purchased.

Considering the fact that ticket prices have increased and discounts are not allowed, is there really a considerable amount of money lost from a few Snickers bars and Gummi Bears being brought in? Regardless, an unauthorized search of personal bags is unwarranted. Let's be honest, almost every woman carries a handbag, but men also often have multiple large pockets for stashing. However, men were not searched. Despite the fact that most men carry personal effects in their pockets, I suppose the theater has not expanded their searching methods to actual physical pat downs.

The efficiency of the theater was also thrown into question as lines backed up to and out of the door for extended periods of time due to the number of women stopping to question the reasoning and validity behind this newly implemented, yet unwritten, "necessary" search.