Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bar None (Original Poem 2/28/12)

Bar None ~K.G.

A treasure not to be taken for granted.
You spurned and rejected all that you were handed.
A heart of light meets a heart of stone. 
Holding on to a past of pain you've only ever known.
Blind to the beauty of what is laid before you, 
Never tapping into the courage to push through.

Shaped by regret and selfish desires,
Boiling over into raging, untameable fires.
Effortlessly passing on all that you had attained
Showering me with rejection; continuous pain gained.
Was it that easy to put aside my feelings?
Hypocrisy at the heart of all your dealings.

But my heart will heal and I will give my love freely,
And as sure as the sun rises and sets, you will think of me.
Now that you realize I've raised the bar,
Have a nice life settling for sub-par. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

'Love Is...' (Original Poem 2/22)

Love Is... ~K.G. 

It is the breeze on your face that lingers and tickles your soul. 
It fills you from within like a dream made whole. 
It dances in the fresh dew of the early morn. 
It plays and laughs in light, never consumed with scorn. 

Full of passion, strength, and praise, 
It never ceases to shine throughout the night and days. 
I yearn for love's touch so pure and true; 
Wrapped in colors of warmth, a vivid hue. 

It dwells inside me and longs to break free,
Into the heart of the man who truly sees me. 
Only within the heart of the man so close to God to find, 
As it is written that 'Love is patient, Love is Kind'.

And it breathes into every lyric and every rhyme, 
So I am waiting for love to come in its own sweet time. 

The Heart of the Matter

Ready For Love ~India Arie

Words elude me...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ms. Brown

Introducing... Ms. Brown M&M! 

Ms. Brown is a top dog working behind the scenes as C.C.O. (Chief Chocolate Officer) of Mars Inc. Ms. Brown is voiced by singer, actress and former Miss America, Vanessa Williams. You may know her from ABC's hit shows Ugly Betty and most recently, Desperate Housewives. The commercial is hilarious and premiered during the 2012 Superbowl as the sassy Ms. Brown corrects some gawkers in their confusion that she's only wearing her 'birthday suit'. Enter Red who thinks it's a different kind of party...
(background courtesy  www.wikipedia.org).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

'Truth and Daggers' (Original Poem 2/19)

People have ceased to amaze me.
Hidden agendas are worn like badges.
Straight answers are always jagged,
Lies permeate reality.
Truths hide behind skeletons in closets.
What is seen cannot be unseen
And disappointment is in the eye of the beholder.
Words released forever float in the ether.
Sentences bond together like traincars
Instantly spiraling your world off track.
What are you willing to believe?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Girl Scout Cookie Mania

Lays® chips have nothing on Girl Scout Cookies! You really cannot eat just one...box! This month hundreds to thousands of cookie orders will come in and purchases will be made at various Girl Scout booth locations. While in an effort to stay budget conscious this year and because I know if not forcefully stopped, I can make a ridiculous amount of Girl Scout Cookie purchases, I stumbled upon this treasure of Pepperidge Farm® Classic Favorites at Rite Aid. It was the only box in sight, and I thought it would be a delicious alternative, this year, to Girl Scout Cookie Mania (as I like to call it). I have not tried all of the Pepperidge Farm cookie varieties, so I cannot wait to dive in! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rabbit, Rabbit

*Rabbit, Rabbit* 
Blogosphere!! I hope your 
February is filled with roses, 
chocolates and 'leapiness'. 


I have stumbled upon a yummy and nutritious treat! YoCrunch® vanilla yogurt cups are lowfat and contain active cultures.

The YoCrunch cookie and candy variety has Oreo®, M&M's®, Reese's®, Crunch Bar®, and Butterfinger® pieces to add; some with strawberries as well. I initially tried Oreo® but I find M&M to be my favorite thus far. I was worried the minis would get soggy in the yogurt, but they remain crunchy the whole time! Yum. While I cannot partake in the Butterfinger and Reese's deliciousness due to allergies, I'm sure they are yummy as well. There are also YoCrunch granola, parfait, and pie parfait flavors: apple, cherry and triple berry. 100 calorie packs excite your tastebuds with cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies.

Whether for an on-the-go breakfast, snack, or dessert, YoCrunch makes for a delicious treat and come in 6 oz. cups or 4 oz. four packs. My only suggestion is to increase the amount of candy bits for the 6 oz. size cups of YoCrunch.

However, it's just another reason to purchase a bag of M&M's Minis®. ;)

See yocrunch.com for more details.

**UPDATE: While YoCrunch® is super delicious and yummy, the price isn't as cost effective as I would like considering the fact I try to maintain a yogurt a day diet. So I've opted for a big tub of Kroger vanilla yogurt and a large bag of M&M's Minis®. But "yay!" YoCrunch®!

Oil Free is the Way to Be

There are over a billion people on earth, and with the exception of identical twins and close resemblances, everyone has his or her own unique face and features. Our faces are daily front and center and must be treated with love and care. Some faces are dry, oily or somewhere in between. While I love makeup, I don't like to wear too much, mainly because I'm not a big fan of the removal process; but it's fun when mascara and eye shadow make my eyes pop and blush plays up my cheek bones. However, if you're like me, my skin is a bit oily and when I first put on makeup I look ready for a photoshoot, but after a few hours I tend to shine like my own, personal discoball. Eek!

Alas! And while I might be a little late, I have found the makeup must-have women should carry with them at all times! (And men, too. Don't be shy.) Clean & Clear® Oil Absorbing Sheets. Just blot your face with one sheet all over and especially in your T-zone and watch the oil magically lift from your face and soak the sheet. Re-powder if you want, ladies, but the Clean & Clear® Oil Absorbing Sheets won't smudge or remove your makeup. Awesome! Now, enjoy your on the go, touched-up, flawless look. 

**UPDATE: Now there's a limited edition Hello Kitty package of oil absorbing sheets! How cute. And not at all random...