Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bar None (Original Poem 2/28/12)

Bar None ~K.G.

A treasure not to be taken for granted.
You spurned and rejected all that you were handed.
A heart of light meets a heart of stone. 
Holding on to a past of pain you've only ever known.
Blind to the beauty of what is laid before you, 
Never tapping into the courage to push through.

Shaped by regret and selfish desires,
Boiling over into raging, untameable fires.
Effortlessly passing on all that you had attained
Showering me with rejection; continuous pain gained.
Was it that easy to put aside my feelings?
Hypocrisy at the heart of all your dealings.

But my heart will heal and I will give my love freely,
And as sure as the sun rises and sets, you will think of me.
Now that you realize I've raised the bar,
Have a nice life settling for sub-par.