Wednesday, February 22, 2012

'Love Is...' (Original Poem 2/22)

Love Is... ~K.G. 

It is the breeze on your face that lingers and tickles your soul. 
It fills you from within like a dream made whole. 
It dances in the fresh dew of the early morn. 
It plays and laughs in light, never consumed with scorn. 

Full of passion, strength, and praise, 
It never ceases to shine throughout the night and days. 
I yearn for love's touch so pure and true; 
Wrapped in colors of warmth, a vivid hue. 

It dwells inside me and longs to break free,
Into the heart of the man who truly sees me. 
Only within the heart of the man so close to God to find, 
As it is written that 'Love is patient, Love is Kind'.

And it breathes into every lyric and every rhyme, 
So I am waiting for love to come in its own sweet time.