Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poem of the Day (10/17)

Today I happily stumbled upon Edith Matilda Thomas' poem "The Deep-Sea Pearl". I find it absolutely moving and beautiful. The poem comes from Thomas' 1903 book of verses, The Dancers: And Other Legends and Lyrics. Being the Modern dancer that I am, I cannot wait to delve into the entire book. I look forward to reading her other works as well. Enjoy the poem.

Edith Matilda Thomas - "The Deep-Sea Pearl"

The love of my life came not 
As love unto others is cast; 
For mine was a secret wound--
But the wound grew a pearl, at last. 

The divers may come and go, 
The tides, they arise and fall;
The pearl in its shell lies sealed, 
And the Deep Sea covers all.