Friday, October 14, 2011

Mahalia Jackson Biopic

Fantasia Barrino, season 3 winner of American Idol, was cast to play the lead role in legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson's biopic. Recently, however, Barrino has been in the news for accusations of carrying on an affair with Antwaun Cook and then becoming pregnant with his child, twice. The first time resulting in an abortion in August of 2010. Barrino is currently pregnant with Cook's child and is reportedly due in late December of this year. Barrino has received much hostility for the alleged affair and pregnancies, including concerns about her casting to play Mahalia Jackson.

According to a article, apparently, the negative comments from the Jackson family and press were all one big kerfuffle (my word of the day) on account of unauthorized comments from a financing broker.

This post is not to cast any judgment whatsoever. The producers are looking to begin shooting the film in January which gives little time for Barrino between having her baby and the filming start date. No disrespect intended, but, personally, I think Sunday Best season 3 winner, Le'Andria Johnson would do a wonderful job playing Ms. Jackson. She's already proven that her voice is dynamic when performing Ms. Jackson's "Trouble of the World"