Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celebrities: Less Privacy Than Facebook

Today I read a Washington Post article stating that in the U.S. it is legal "that a picture of anyone -- celebrity or non-celebrity -- taken while the person is in public is absolutely not an invasion of privacy". Standing on private property is also included if the celebrity can be seen. I understand that if you're a film or music star, you can expect to have your photograph constantly snapped. In addition to red carpet award shows and film premieres, if you're walking in an airport, celebrities, you can bet your last film's paycheck that countless fans are whipping out their iPhones and various electronic 'berries' to snap a shot; some may be even so bold as to try and capture a photo side by side with a celebrity.

(Side note - Fans, go for the Alexander Skarsgard type: friendly, cuddly, and cute. Avoid the Bjork type.)

No matter what law, I don't feel it is appropriate for relentless, rude, aggressive paparrazzi to take pictures of said stars in their more private or intimate moments; especially if they ask for no photos to be taken. Celebrities, like any other person, fear for the privacy and safety of themselves and their loved ones. There is no reason a middle aged man should be yelling and running down the street with a camera after celebrity moms while they are holding their 'Banjo' and 'Apple' babies. It's scary. For fans (a.k.a. the average person), that would be cause for utilizing major stun gun action. For celebrities, lawsuits are filed almost weekly by paparazzi and photographers claiming to have been in fear for their lives, or assaulted after they jumped out of the bushes and were met with a barrage of hits from a celebrity. The nerve!

If Joan Rivers isn't bashing someone's glam outfit, then I don't care for, or particularly need to see pictures of:
  • Celebrity early morning eye boogers
  • Post dentist, spittle-ridden faces
  • Those 'bloated' days
  • Spencer Pratt's flesh colored beard and demonic, 'Child's Play-like' smile. *Shivers*
  • Obvious wedgie shots...and/or the stars picking said wedgies
  • "See food" (The nauseating shot of a celeb with their mouth wide open munching....hard)
  • Kim Kardashian without any makeup on...anytime
  • Women shopping. (That's just boring. Especially when it's Jessica Simpson.)
And the list goes on. Long story short, celebrities, too, deserve their privacy, and I deserve to live in a world where "Speidi" doesn't grace a magazine cover.