Friday, April 6, 2012

Not Your Average Pipe Cleaner

So, I've never wanted to tidy up my bathroom more than I do now. I mean, wowzers! Who knew a Plumr® commercial could be so...dirty?! And sexy. Muy caliente! A woman is shopping for a drain de-clogger when she notices the title 'double impact' and begins a very vivid daydream. Suddenly two hunks show up at her front door ready to "snake the drain" and "flush the pipe" and she invites them in with no hesitation. She then seems to have a, a-hem, reaction that can only be compared to something along the lines of ummm,
"". *Wink

The commercial is laced with innuendos and double entendr├ęs. Double Impact is also the title of the 1991 Jean Claude Van Damme action movie with its own share of sexiness where Van Damme plays dual roles as twins hunting the man who killed their parents and separated them from one another. Most of the plumbers people are familiar with are typically sweaty with butt cracks playing hide and seek, or there's Mario and Luigi saving the day with mushrooms, fireballs, and golden stars. In the Plumr® commercial there were screen shots of melons, pipes, flowing liquid, and a meat motion. Kevin Michael Richardson's deep, husky voice in the background adds to the Shaft-like sexiness and appeal of getting you in the mood.


I feel like I need a cold shower just from talking about this commercial. I seem to have found the original super sexy version cut down for TV. Judge the sexiness for yourself.