Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Word to the Wise...

A Word to the Wise...

When you see a woman whose heart has been broken, do not pity or mourn for her. Pity the clod who broke her heart because she will find a strength within her she never knew existed and she will blossom into a flower of epic proportion. The simpleton, who spews lies on a whim, cheats like a gambler, gives way to temptation, and leaves broken hearts in his wake will someday soon realize he has lost a prized treasure. While void of truths, conscience and dignity, he will drown in his own shortcomings and rue the day he broke her heart. 


'The one who got away'. The one who was better than him in every way, but still loved him the most.

You can't always see his true self at first, but lies wear away like the thin veil that separates two worlds. A mask is only temporary and his true colors bled through. The view is always greener until you stumble upon the snake in the grass. And while he clung to his pride the way a thief clings to his loot, he has fallen into the filth of said pride. When he thinks of her, know this: She will have forgiven and forgotten him and become who her courage was waiting for her to become. 

So this is for you. Enjoy your purgatory.