Friday, April 6, 2012

Troy Mezze Lounge Review

A few weeks ago I had my first experience with Turkish cuisine. I came to Troy Mezze for a lyricist performance, so the restaurant was reserved for the event. The atmosphere was dimly lit with beautiful artwork and tapestry. Some walls were arched over a shiny and pristine wrap-around bar while others contained warm, decorative wall paper. Booth seats and tables lined the side of the restaurant. I had the Turkish Pastrami Pastry (Pacanga) dish which consisted of a Pan-fried pastry stuffed with Turkish pastrami, kasari cheese, and tomatoes. This dish was delicious and I ate every last bit, but my dessert wasn't as appealing. I had the Rice Pudding, which I'm used to always eating warm. Troy Mezze's cold rice pudding just wasn't as appealing to me. I very much look forward to going back to Troy Mezze for the food, atmosphere, and any events held there.

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