Thursday, September 9, 2010

Samsung (Bad)Impression

So, I have a few gripes with my Samsung Impression. I have had this phone for about 9 months. I will literally leave this phone charging overnight for up to 9 hours. The Internet, understandably enough, drains the battery faster than the average texting and tinkering. But am I dealing with Sonic the Hedgehog-like speeds of depletion? The following day I will use approximately 20-30 minutes of Internet time, on and off, and by lunch time I have gone from five bars to two or, painfully, one. Although, I have to say, that last battery bar holds on for dear life; but there is the concern that in the event of a major call, it will lose its "juice". My Mp3, on the other hand, can go an entire eight hour work day, and then some, without being recharged. Obviously, yes, I could just plug in my phone charger during work, but the basis of this post is to highlight the sub-par lasting power of the battery itself. 

Also, I've had my text messaging lock up. During a text conversation with someone, after I've sent maybe the seventh text, my phone will just lock up and the text will not be sent. I then have to turn off my phone, turn it back on, wait for it to cycle through, and then send my text message from where it has been imprisoned in the "outbox". The time between freezes has shortened the longer I've had the phone making texting conversations a bit of a pain with the incessant powering off/on of the SI. My phone has also had about five random spaz-outs where it has just shut off without warning. I have recently learned that SI's are no longer in production. Wow. I know that I have listed gripes, but I have enjoyed the keyboard efficiency for texting and the various applications of the phone. However, those are available on other types of phones, too. Hmmm. Yours truly will be heading to the store very soon to upgrade.