Saturday, September 18, 2010

Technology Blog 2: Google Chrome

I recently installed Google Chrome on my main computer. I have to say, I was initially very impressed. And with the recent addition of Google Instant, I was zooming. However, recently, checkboxes on webpages are not appearing. This has become a hassle when it comes to log in questions and selecting information. This appears to be a long time bug that Chrome and Google developers have been dealing with. But for almost two years? It's a check box; not aviation diagnostics. I don't need a 'work-around', I need a solid fix. I have also encountered many webpage loading issues. I will run into the "This webpage is not available" network error message mumbo jumbo. Upon reloading the page, I will be taken to the initially requested site. I also had two crashes after having GC for about two and a half weeks. Umph. 

I was very excited about installing Google Chrome on my revamped laptop. Alas, it seemed to cause more problems than not and would not install properly. My laptop would reboot before the installation process had completed. Firefox 3.6 it is.