Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playstation Move, On the Move

I'm one of those women who loves to sit down and play video games and/or read Game Informer Magazine. Love it! My video game console history: 
  • Atari 
  • Nintendo (NES) 
  • Gameboy 
  • Sega Saturn 
  • Playstation 
  • Playstation 2 
  • Xbox

Alas, my list has currently reached a dead end, but I have experienced the XBox 360 and Wii through friends. Wii was a technological advancement in gaming because it allows for interactive gameplay and wi-fi capability. You and your friends can burn calories with fun games without worrying about getting all twisted up in cords and wires. And that can be a good thing because we all know that one friend who gets a little too competitive and practically Hulk Smashes your console or controller if he/she doesn't win. 

*Insert rolling tumbleweed here...*

PlayStation 3 isn't going to be left in the dust! Enter the motion-sensing game controller for PS3, which is getting its own platform launch! But, to be fair, if you looked cooler than Harry Potter's wand, you'd deserve your own launch party too; it was released September 17. The rivals, Wii and Playstation Move are, in theory, similar consoles. However, PS: Move is utilizing voice recognition capability and very intricate motion sensing. 

Check out Game Informer online for a review of the PlayStation Move.