Sunday, September 26, 2010

Season 5 Finale: Gift vs. Curse

On the heels of my most recent blog post, Supernatural Season 6: Super Fail, I had a Comic-Con, Dark Horse kind of epiphany. I already stated that "Supernatural" is one of my favorite shows, but two other shows in my favorite category are "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and the "Buffy" spin-off series "Angel". Three awesome shows with great characters, kick-ass plots and epic endings (or semi endings.) All three shows had apocalyptic endings that fell on the season finale of its fifth season. Each contained a main character(s) sacrificing their life for the greater good. However, only "Angel" maintained it's concrete "ending" at the end of season five. "Buffy" returned on a new network with sub-par seasons six, seven, and eight continued in comic book form. "Supernatural" appears to be following in "Buffy's" footsteps with season six not getting off to a very good start. The breakdown:
  • "Angel" (Series 5 Finale - 'Not Fade Away'): Angel, the vampire with a soul, and his torn and tattered team prepare to battle the evil army of Wolfram and Hart, which is preparing to unleash the Apocalypse on earth complete with warriors, demons, giants, and even a dragon! In the rain, Angel calls dibs on the dragon, shouts "Let's get to work!", and they then proceed to charge the enemy before the screen goes to black. Classic and so well done.
  • "Buffy" (Series 5 Finale - 'The Gift'): A god from the hell dimension attempts to open a portal that will release, yes you guessed it, the Apocalypse on earth. After much battle, Buffy realizes that death is her gift to the world and the work that she has to do. As the portal, releasing all types of evil, begins to open, Buffy sacrifices herself by jumping in, which can only be closed with her blood. Even more fitting was that the last screen shot was of her tombstone which read: Buffy Anne Summers 1981-2001 Beloved Sister Devoted Friend She Saved the World A Lot.
    • However, "Buffy" was 'resurrected' on another network with two additional seasons that I felt were quite unnecessary. Going from such an epic ending, I felt that the acting, dialogue, and storyline had no where to go but down. I did not enjoy them very much. They should have let the series end at season five.
  • "Supernatural" (Season 5 Finale - 'Swan Song'): Sam sacrifices his body and soul to banish Lucifer back to Hell and save the world from being destroyed by....the Apocalypse. Much like Buffy, Sam realizes what he has to do, motions goodbye to his brother Dean, and plunges into the depths of hell. 
    • Season six started back, and so far, I'm not impressed. I would have been satisfied with the season five ending.
We shall see if continuing on past the season five finale will be the kiss of death for "Supernatural".