Friday, September 24, 2010

The Road Warrior (Grrr)

Do you want to know what really ticks me off? (And probably many others.) What drives me up the wall? (No pun intended.) People who get on the road without using their brains! People, cars are machines that weigh tons, not Hot Wheels toys. One wrong move and it could be lights out. 

Pardon me as I vent a bit....okay, a lot. 

A couple of months ago, two left turn lights were installed outside of my subdivision, on the main road, in front of a car dealership. Go figure. Before, cars in the single left, u-turn lane had to wait until there was a break in oncoming traffic to turn; while this was a hassle, the implementation of the new lights has been more stress than solution, I feel, and has resulted in: 
  1. People ignoring the red left turn arrows completely when they were initially installed. 
  2. The timing of the lights is comical. It's clearly not based on the volume of cars; and when it does change, it's for a mere 15 seconds. Umph!
  3. Since when did the outside left turn lane make u-turns?! So dangerous.
  4. U-turn yields to those turning right. So please follow the rules of the road and hurry up and turn right. You might think you're being courteous pausing half way to let me go, but I'm waiting for you, so really you're confusing other drivers and wasting time. Turn!
Unlike the leading man of the movie my blog post title refers to, I don't go bats--t crazy on the road or lose my common sense. This kind of attitude is more likely to cause an accident and get people hurt. So people, put on your thinking caps before you get behind the wheel. Please and thank you.