Friday, November 29, 2013


This month I had the opportunity to geek out so hard that I could barely contain my phaser beam. Hehe. I jest, but in all seriousness, NC Comicon was so cool that I've been grinning and talking about it for weeks now. There were thousands of fans there, mostly all strangers, yet there was a strong sense of camaraderie in the air and photos being taken together at every turn. It was fantastic! The three day event began with a NC Comicon Pre Party on Friday, November 8 at the Armory, and Saturday and Sunday was the big show! I found out about this awesome event on Friday so I wasn't able to join in on the festivities until Sunday. However, next year it is on all weekend!

The Durham Convention Center was jam packed with comic book fans sporting costumes from almost every comic book, graphic novel, manga and comic TV/cartoon series you can think of. I was dressed as Lieutenant Uhura. :) There were informative panels; comic book artists, writers, and publishers; art contests; new and vintage comics, action figures; a LEGO room; the Batmobile; a costume contest for all the stellar costumes; and a film festival!

Over the last four years NC Comicon has consistently grown into its own entity that has taken over the Durham Convention Center, nearby hotels, and has partnered with the Carolina Theater to provide a film festival including classics like Dick Tracy, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, The Crow, etc. I got to watch one of my favorite films, The Crow, in 35 mm on the big screen! I was transported back to 1994 and felt the sadness all over again of the loss of Brandon Lee-an actor and man with so much promise, taken too soon from this world. NC Comicon gave me the opportunity to watch him once again.

If you ever want to get lost in a room, it is most definitely the LEGO room.The pub setting for Shaun of the Dead was recreated in Legos. And there were Minions the size of Cabbage Patch Dolls! If you missed this year's NC Comicon, don't fret! NC Comicon is coming back next year on November 15-November 16 2014. Make sure to get your tickets and hotel reservations in advance! See you there, friends.