Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Supernatural 9.9 -"Holy Terror" Recap *Spoilers

*SPOILERS: If you have not yet seen Supernatural episode 9.9 “Holy Terror” do NOT read any further…

If I’ve learned anything from watching eight years’ worth of Supernatural, it’s that: my heart is bound to get broken on countless occasions; forming attachments with loveable, awesome characters may end in tragic loss; angels and demons are all dicks; there can never be too many hugs shared between Sam and Dean; and the Breather episodes interspersed between the heavy, emotional episodes are literally like gasps of air in a sinking dilemma. With that being said, last night’s fall finale episode “Holy Terror” brought with it a devious identity revelation of angelic proportions and the shocking death Kevin Tran.

After Sam’s physical and mental fallout from the Trials, Dean manipulated Sam into allowing the angel “Ezekiel” to enter him to seemingly heal them both from the inside. For months Dean was weighed down with the lie staring him straight in the face, literally acting as a barrier between him and Sammy. At first, “Ezekiel” appeared to have Dean and Sam’s best interests in mind by physically defending Dean after answering his prayer, resurrecting both Castiel and Charlie, and always keeping Sam safe. However, he also displayed a suspiciously strong self-preservation instinct when it came to Castiel’s presence and being discovered by other angels. That suspicion was confirmed last night when “Ezekiel” was actually revealed to be Gadriel, the angel who fell asleep on the job and allowed the Serpent to enter the Garden of Eden and fudge up things for the rest of humanity. Gadriel was locked up in Heaven’s deepest dungeon for his failure, but fell to earth, injured, with the other angels. He took on the deceased Ezekiel’s identity to make amends for his past actions since Ezekiel was known as a noble angel and soldier in Heaven.

After being kidnapped and tortured by angels in the ensuing battle between Bartholomew and Malachi’s angelic forces, Castiel outwits one of his captors and takes his grace, once again imbuing Castiel with powers. Castiel lets Dean know that Ezekiel died in the fall from heaven and could not have been the one to have helped Sam. Dean seeks Kevin’s help in an attempt to create a sigil in order to talk to Sam without “Ezekiel” interfering. Unfortunately, Dean and Kevin’s conversation is overheard by Gadriel, he impersonates Sam, and he breaks a line in the sigill marking. (It’s worth mentioning that this moment is marked with acting brilliance as Jared Padalecki plays Sam, playing Ezekiel, pretending to be Sam. Whew!) Though at first declaring that he is not a killer, Gadriel chooses to prove his loyalty to Metatron, in an attempt to get back up to heaven, by killing Kevin. After burning out Kevin’s eyes, Gadriel pins a previously incapacitated Dean against the wall and then takes the Tablet, leaving Dean grieving over Kevin’s dead body.

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The preview for the next episode premiering in January showed Castiel in his illustrious trench coat as he and Dean seek Crowley’s help in stopping Gadriel, within Sam’s body. Viewers see Sam in a torture device similar to that used on Samandriel when Crowley tortured him for information on the other seven prophets. It is hard to tell whether Castiel will be able to resurrect Kevin, but I hope so. And if the void of Kevin as prophet remains, it will be interesting to see if writers bring in another prophet. As was stated in 8.7 “A Little Slice of Kevin” only one prophet can be active at a time. Sort of like Buffy; however, if you remember, when Buffy died and was resuscitated, that allowed two Slayers to be active at one time from then on. I’m just bouncing ideas around because I was so shocked and hurt to see Kevin die so gruesomely after all the good he has done, and Dean letting him know that he is family. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen, often it’s those closest to Sam and Dean, whom they consider family, who meet unfortunate, untimely ends.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you think Castiel will bring Kevin back?