Saturday, October 8, 2011

Up All Night

These days, I'm such a busy little bee that I really only take the initiative to turn on the television for a few shows per week.

Mondays: "Dancing with the Stars" (for the dancer in me)
Wednesdays: "Up All Night", "Criminal Minds", and "Psych"
Thursdays: "Prime Suspect"
Fridays: "Supernatural"

NBC has brought the fire this season with two of its new shows, "Prime Suspect" and "Up All Night". The police drama series and comedy series, respectively, are my new faves.
After laughing hysterically at the trailer, I could not wait to see "Up All Night", starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph; four weeks in and I have not been disappointed. Applegate and Arnett play Reagan and Chris Brinkley, new parents to a precious baby girl, trying to juggle parenthood, intimacy, working in and outside of the home, and maintaining their youth; the latter often complicated by hip, young neighbors. While Applegate and Arnett execute a seamlessly hilarious job of playing new parents out of their element, Rudolph, to my chagrin, just seems to be playing in one long and painfully unending SNL sketch. Despite Rudolph's over the top nature, she adds a decent balance to the undeniable chemistry of Applegate and Arnett. One of my favorite scenes so far was after a night of revisiting partying hard, Reagan and Chris unsuccessfully attempt to re-diaper a quite fussy baby to which Reagan pleadingly shouts, "We are trying to help you!" All I know is that a healthy dose of laughter from "Up All Night" helps me to get over the hump of the middle of the week.