Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cafe Carolina - 'The Price is Wrong, Bob!'

One of my favorite lunch spots is Cafe Carolina. It has the best sandwiches, soups, salads, cupcakes, etc! My usual meal is either the half sandwich / salad combo with chips and a drink, or the Mac and Cheese combo. The Mac and Cheese combo comes with a container of Mac and Cheese; choice of a bag of chips or pretzels, a nice, yummy cookie; and a drink. The combo came out to be $4.88, exactly. I always walked in with the amount ready.

(Some of my friends like to call me "exact change girl", which I take as a compliment. At least I'm prepared.)

Upon my recent visit yesterday, I walked in and delivered my order with no hesitation: "I'll take the Mac and Cheese combo with chips, an M&M cookie, and a bottle of water. Please and thank you." I was met with a "change of menu" response stating that I had to choose between the chips or cookie. The icing on the figurative cake lies in the fact that the meal (now only Mac and cheese, cookie, and a drink) still came to be $4.88.


Why don't you just give me my own noodles to boil along with a block of cheese and a grater?! Anyway, I opted for the cookie, and left a nice grumble at the register. Unfortunately, it looks as if I won't be dining at CC much anymore. I'd rather not have a rip off for lunch. No thanks.