Monday, July 14, 2014

Teen Wolf: Full Moon Rising

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If you haven't been watching Teen Wolf on MTV then you're missing out on life and need to watch it...right now. At least that's what my brother told me last fall before we binged on seasons 1-3A on Thanksgiving weekend. Food coma? Forget 'bout it. I was too engrossed in this fun, refreshing, supernatural show to sleep. Season 1 took a little while to gel for me. As you can expect, a shy high school lacrosse player getting turned into a werewolf while trying to juggle a part-time job, a budding teen romance, and full moon shifts is definitely awkward. However, the seasons progressed seamlessly with strong character development, structured storylines, and action. Although the writers were attempting to introduce a diverse pack scenario, fitting the past characters together felt a little like trying to fit triangles into round peg holes. Derek brooded under his eyebrows, the twins were never fully trusting or trusted, Allison had a reoccurring identity crisis, and not a day passed when Scott wasn't Alpha-shouting "ISAAC!!"
Fast forward to season 4 and I am in LOVE with this colorful, fearsome, gender balanced pack! 
  1. Scott is coming into his own as Alpha pack master with a roar that shakes the earth.
  2. Stiles is the witty brains of the operation.
  3. Lydia is an intelligent, feisty Banshee.
  4. Derek broods with a little less brow.
  5. Kira is a spunky, Katana wielding Kitsune.
  6. Malia is a sassy, but slightly socially awkward, were-coyote with a quick tongue, much like her V-neck loving werewolf father Peter.
Season 4 started off with an action packed trip to Mexico and glowing nunchucks! Teen Wolf is currently exploring mysterious pasts while introducing new, creepy villains. I'm on the edge of my seat Monday nights and I can't wait to see what happens next. It is literally only the call of the wolf that gives me the energy to stay up past 10 pm. :-)