Monday, July 21, 2014

True Blood Episode 7.5: It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

This week on True Blood, Sookie finally mourned the loss of Alcide...sort of. It all goes back to the fact that Sookie never loved Alcide as much as he loved her, that it's difficult to empathize with Sookie's stifled emotion.

After sleeping for a day, Sookie wakes up to Jackson Hevereaux at the Stackhouse home helping gather up Alcide's belongings. Lafayette and James are throwing a party to celebrate life and Sookie reluctantly agrees to host. The party basically goes off without a hitch and has high points like Andy and Jessica reconciling, Andy's proposal to Holly, and powerful toasts honoring the memory of Alcide and Tara. However, the party has its share, to be expected, of shenanigans arise. Jessica finds James and LaFayette getting their doggie style on in the car James and Jessica bought together; Jason rescinds James' invitation to the Stackhouse residence. LaFayette lets Jessica know that while the situation is messed up, she needs to love James or let him go so that he can have happiness of his own. In a moment of vulnerability Jessica has sex with Jason. If Violet wasn't crazy before, hearing Jason and Jessica having sex is bound to make her go batsh*t. That scorn looks like it will be making its way to Adilyn, and Jessica and Violet will be going toe to toe.

Lettie Mae stabs Willa in the dining room in a continued effort to contact Tara through the power of vampire blood. (A storyline, might I add, that is quite tiring.) Nicole isn't used to the Bon Temps lifestyle and loses it. Crazy crap has been happening in Bon Temps for years and her mind is blown while everyone else continues partying. I have a feeling the prospect of possibly bringing a were-baby into this world is going to start to weigh on her. Sam better watch out.

On the other side of the border Eric and Pam are on the hunt for Sarah Newlin who is on the hunt for Laura Bush. "I'm not a monster. I'm a Buddhist," Sarah tells her mother at a Republican party. Unfortunately, Sarah is also a target on the Yakuza hitlist. The Yakuza bust in on the party killing all attendees, including Sarah's parents. Eric gets his bloody revenge on the Yakuza assassin who killed one of his many loves and momentarily gets his hands on Sarah.

In a startling turn of events, after numerous flashbacks to Bill's former life with his family, it appears that Bill, too, has Hep-V. I can't help but wonder if the power of fairy blood would help cure vampires of Hep-V. However, that would open up another can of worms as those with fairy blood would become delicious targets of vampires across the nation.

There are only 5 episodes left before True Blood meets its true end. At this rate, I just expect more main character deaths and only a couple happy endings. As for heroine-ish character Sookie, I've got my money on her ending up solo, but content.

What did you think of tonight's episode of True Blood? How do you think these last 5 episodes will play out?