Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drop Dead Diva 5.9 "Trust Me"

Good evening guys and dolls! The fall return of Drop Dead Diva premiered tonight and it definitely started off in full force. The title "Trust Me" was pretty fitting, considering Jane asks Owen to trust her at least seven times throughout the episode. Jane has been plagued with dreams of Grayson and Nicole making out and getting hot and heavy in elevators while she's standing right there trying to break it up like a middle school hallway monitor.

With the fate of the firm hanging in the balance, Jane, Owen and Grayson attempt to keep up appearances so that they don't lose clients to other firms. Jane takes on a case for a woman providing shelter to abused women, while she herself is blocked from an inheritance which could be of use to them. Grayson defends a young man who identifies himself as a vampire, apparently speaks in Parseltongue, and was removed from a flight. Jane misses a clause in the inheritance contract which results in all of the inheritance going to the skeezeball brother. Emotions ran high in the hallway as Owen reprimanded Jane for her mistake, the client declared she would sue the firm, Parker's representative Tuttle chimed in about the impending downfall of the firm, and there was lots and lots of yelling.

During her case, Jane finally breaks down on the stand, in what she would later claim was acting, about her law firm family being in danger and Owen being the potential father of her best friend's baby. I was in tears and was glad that the elephant in the room was finally addressed -in a room full of strangers and Jane's colleagues. After Jane's breakdown, Tuttle informs her and Owen that Parker removed himself as a partner, reiterating the fact that he turned his back on the firm and Jane, who you may remember took a bullet for him.

Surprisingly, Jane's client was in on Jane's "act" on the stand, giving Jane the opportunity to address another technicality in the inheritance clause allowing her client to take full control. Owen promotes Jane to partner and pretty boy Grayson momentarily attempts to play the martyr as he tells Jane of his relationship with Nicole, and adds that a guy can only take so much rejection. Boo hoo, Grayson. I don't think a guy who jumps from woman to woman is too concerned with rejection, so go have your pity party in a corner while Jane has her promotion party. Overwhelmed with emotions, Jane goes to her rooftop spot where Paul finally decides to be a guardian angel. Apparently when Kim's away, he can actually do his job. Paul throws caution to the wind and advises Jane to live her life however she wants, guardian angel punishment be darned.

Though I'm not happy that Jane's love life seems to stay in a perpetual state of limbo, I was right there with this episode of DDD up until the point in the show when I had to contain my vomit. Stacy tells Jane that she's pregnant with Owen's baby and then Owen tears up the amendment he had drafted to the donor contract, essentially saying he wants to be acknowledged as father to their baby, not just as a sperm donor. Upon learning that he will be a father, Owen and Stacy embrace and then start to make out, in the most chemistry-less scene ever, because Stacy wouldn't be Stacy unless she were swapping spit with one of Jane's loves.

Did you enjoy the fall premiere of Drop Dead Diva? What do you think will happen now that Stacy and Owen have crossed yet another line? What are you hoping to see in this second half of the season?