Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 1.2

After the series premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last week, I wrote a post on the 5 things fans needed to know about the new hit show. This week, after being only marginally impressed with episode 1.2, I am introducing 5 things the show writers need to know in order to enhance the show and keep the momentum high:    

1. While I understand there’s a pace to things, Agent May is an interesting character with an intriguing backstory which needs to be touched on more, rather than half of her screen time being filled with silent seething in the pilot seat. Viewers know she doesn’t want to be returning to the field, but why? Why was she initially choosing to be on desk duty? No one likes desk duty. I’d also like to see more instances of why the agency refers to her as “The Calvary.” That has a nice Wyatt Earp feel to it. Very interesting character development potential there.  

2. Fitz and Simmons need to delve deeper into their inner geeks without so much mousy dialogue. With an actual rocket scientist in the mix, that leaves the door wide open for more witty jokes and awesome science projects!  

3. Pairing two unappealing characters together for numerous scenes just makes certain parts of the episode…unappealing. I’m looking at you, scenes with Skye and Agent Ward. I read an article last week saying don’t be afraid to kill off non-essential characters. Go with that. I can’t help but roll my eyes whenever Skye is onscreen aiming for quippy when she’s altogether forgettable. It’s looking like Skye is going to be the traitor in the group, so she’s typically seen standing a part, receiving mysterious Rising Tide texts. Obviously that storyline will grow, but I’d appreciate her so much more if she were similar to the character of Bella from Supernatural. I hated that gal’s guts, but she played the role of antagonist/occasional, egocentric ally to Sam and Dean flawlessly, with just the right amount of sardonic banter. Oh and let’s never again compare Skye’s role as “consultant” to that of Tony Stark’s.  

4. Please don’t get to the point where you’re relying on end-episode surprises and Marvel nuggets to be your big draw. You’re better than that. I wasn’t too impressed with all of episode 1.2, but I stuck around because I knew a Marvel Universe cameo was planned.  

5. The thing about bad guys and villains is that they need to at least make a viewer’s butt cheeks pucker out of fear and/or excitement. If not, then they’re not doing their job and need to go back to Bad-Anon. Last night’s bad guys were pretty lame, although Agent Coulson’s marksmanship, Agent May kicking more butt, and Agent Ward employing a handy dandy bad guy repellent device were high points. They don’t have to be “super” villains, per se, (although that would be a great opportunity for Fitz and Simmons to utilize some more S.H.I.E.L.D. weaponry and technology) but they do need to be more challenging than the hole in the jet, which, let’s be honest, was the true adversary for our heroes last night.