Sunday, August 18, 2013

True Blood 6.10 Season Finale: Sookie, You in Danger Girl (Spoilers)

Whew. True Blood season finale 6.10, "Radioactive" was definitely jam packed.

Sookie and Alcide had a sweet moment after the funeral right before she reunited with Jason, Tara, and Pam, who was surprisingly happy to see Sookie, during the naked vampire lawn party where there was volleyball, sex, jiving, and a mention of Target. Jason's uncomfortably possessive new vampire friend, Violet, greeted Sookie first with the desire for violence, and then some serious tongue action. Warlow finally showed his true Ike Turner side and molly-wopped Sookie, tied her to a tree, choked her a few times, and bit her furiously. I guess I'm the only person who never forgot Warlow killed all of the fairies. I never trusted the rat bastard, and I read plenty of reviews saying he was growing on fans. Never that. Pretty boy Ben was as dark as the figure we kept seeing last season. When he told her that, "The truth is I really do just want to f*** you, and own you, and use you for your blood" I was too ready for someone to decapitate him.

After all the Lillith juice had worn off, Bill returned to feeling like regular, emo Bill and finally regretted sacrificing Sookie and treating her so badly...yet again. Jessica urged him to go save Sookie and not make her promise to maintain his humanity a promise made in vain. Adeline tapped into her fairy light to transport Jason, Bill, Andy, Violet, and herself to rescue Sookie. Unfortunately, Warlow teleported back to the Bon Temps plane and made quick work of the team, once again getting his hands on Sookie.

Holy jeepers, Batman! Is that Niall?! You betcha! Niall made a wonderful, yet brief, return through the portal in Sookie's bathroom and held Warlow as Jason thrust a stake right through his cold, evil heart, leaving him a puddle of glittery blood. Almost immediately all vampire sunscreen wore off.

Let's just take a moment to bask in and scream in horror at Eric's single brief scene in this episode, which I'm sure will leave many fans up in arms, contemplating returning next summer. While tanning completely nude (basking) on top of a snow covered mountain, Eric catches fire and his screams as his flesh was incinerating sent chills up my spine.

Playing out almost like a season premiere or even a series finale, midway through the show viewers are fast forwarded six months from the death of Warlow, and woo-wee things have changed. Vampire Bill was now also Author Bill having written a memoir of his time as Billith. Alcide and Sookie were a couple presumably living together and getting their cute little freak on. The beginning of the episode foreshadowed the possibility of romance blossoming between the two, but to be honest I was just relieved Alcide removed that wig. Jason has been doing some heavy duty "downtown digging" on Violet for 178 nights with no sexual reciprocation, making things incredibly hard for him, literally and figuratively. For some reason I can't help but smell possible, future villain in her. Sam is now mayor and Merlotte's has become Arlene's Bellefleur Bar and Grill. After Bon Temps residents had their blood tested for Hep V, Mayor Sam encouraged all residents to pair up with an uninfected vampire bodyguard in exchange for some of their blood. Lettie Mae and Tara reconciled via Lettie Mae's offer of her blood to nourish Tara in an effort to make up for being a disappointing mother during her childhood. Jessica apologized to Andy and offered her protection in return for nothing. Honestly that was the best scene of the episode for me because you could truly feel all of Andy's pain and rage from the death of his daughters at Jessica's hands as he held his gun at her heart and Jessica was willing to accept whatever fate he deemed appropriate. Andy closing the door and Jessica standing guard definitely tugged on some heartstrings. Bill offered his protection to Sookie as Alcide proceeded to do his growling thing to which Bill responded, "You can growl all you want, bright eyes." And honestly, who hasn't thought that whenever Alcide tries to start a measuring contest? I digress. Hep V infected vamps look a lot like zombies and they roll deep and were headed straight for Sam's Human/Vampire Pairing Party. I'm guessing next season will pick up right where we left off, focusing on the battle of good vamps versus bad vamps as the good vamps try to keep humans safe.

But the real cliffhanger? Did Eric survive!? And how about Pam, for that matter? She took flight in search of Eric but she wasn't expecting to lose her ability to walk in the sun either.

What did you think of the season finale? Will you be tuning into season 7 next summer? What do you think the storyline will be about?

Do You Think Eric Survived the True Death?