Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Poll

The summer airing of Drop Dead Diva season 5 brought with it plot twists, baby bumps, vanishing characters, and an infamous jumping of the shark. If you've been keeping up with my DDD recaps then you'll know that I was infuriated by the storyline of Owen and Jane not getting back together; rather they seemingly made nice while Owen agreed to give Stacy his sperm because she's an awful friend and Jane has more luck dying and coming back to life than keeping a beau. The summer season finale ended with Parker selling the firm by proxy, Jane cheering on Stacy's parade-o-sperm, and Jane then seeking out Grayson to confess her love. However, it was to no avail since he's now getting cozy with the new assistant. 

So it's time to sound off on the poll below and in the comments section:

Will you be tuning into the fall return of Drop Dead Diva on Sunday, October 6?