Monday, July 22, 2013

Drop Dead Diva 5.5 “Secret Lives”

*Sap Alert*
This Monday morning I had a residual smile on my face because last night’s “Secret Lives” episode of Drop Dead Diva left me with happy thoughts. Considering over on HBO a popular character met his death on True Blood, I’m glad I stuck with DDD this week. It appears that Owen is finally opening back up to Jane and reconciliation between the love birds may be in the works. I hope the writers don’t fudge this up and instead take time with their relationship. I wouldn’t expect two people to rush back into something after all they’ve been through, but their mutual love and respect could help them mend fences. #TeamOwen
After working together on a murder case of a high-profile baseball player, where Owen was initially rude and abrupt again, Jane and Owen had a moment where he reluctantly let her know that her eyes still hypnotize him. Awww! Also, Owen has always loved the way Jane’s mind works, and you could see that admiration conveyed as he watched her represent their client. The episode ended on a high note for me as Owen unexpectedly stopped by Jane’s home and let her know that the success of their case was all on account of her. He then proceeded to apologize for acting like a jerk and allowing his personal feelings to intrude on his business feelings and actions. He asks her if she can forgive him and she tearily responds back of course she can forgive him. He smiles a big smile and Jane smiles back and tells him, “I miss that smile.” I’ve missed it too! Their chemistry is dynamic. Warm and fuzzies here, people.
Meanwhile, in Reboundville, Grayson is having frequent drinks and swapping spit with Kim’s new, younger assistant. Grayson is forever bouncing around from woman to woman (remember when he was engaged to the cute red head and then dated the eeevil Gina Blunt?) which is fine, I guess, if you’re a bachelor, but it is also one of the reasons I never wanted to see him with Jane. (Along with the fact they’ve all resembled Deb, not Jane.) I appreciate Jane and Owen’s relationship because though it has had its ups and downs, I believe their hearts always gravitate to one another. After Jane’s rejection I get that Grayson’s lonely and needs an ego boost, but seriously dude, don’t s**t where you eat. I have a feeling his new office hook-up is going to cause trouble.
The casting for this show is wonky to me because they removed the character of Parker due to what I heard were budget reasons, but added on Paul the angel who is barely ever around. This casting change immediately painted a seemingly well-liked Parker as a deadbeat who left his current, pregnant girlfriend and unborn child for his ex-girlfriend and son. Also, the need for an angel at this point is a bit played out since their main job is to keep Jane away from Grayson or from revealing her secret. Luke definitely dropped the ball on keeping Jane and Grayson from kissing, but considering Jane rejected Grayson’s subsequent desire for a relationship, I’d say she’s doing ok, but what do I know? What I do know is that the caliber of Jane’s angels have gone down since Fred, and since Stacy now wants to be a mom, it makes me think of Fred even more. (However, putting aside the fact that he’s an angel, I always thought Fred was too good for Stacy’s cheating ways.)
Also, has anyone ever wondered, since guardian angels are unsuspectingly walking around, that evil beings could be walking around, too, causing trouble? I was certain Gina Blunt (Mädchen Amick) from season 4 was some sort of devil wearing Prada considering she seemed to know and detest the angel Luke, she squirmed her way into Grayson’s love life, and she attempted to crumble the law firm of Harrison & Parker to the ground. They didn’t touch anymore on that storyline, but I certainly think it’d be an interesting one. 

What did you think of Drop Dead Diva “Secret Lives”? Are you happy to see Owen warming back up to Jane? What do you think of Grayson’s new love interest?