Tuesday, July 9, 2013

'Calamity' Jane

This past Sunday’s episode of Drop Dead Diva entitled "Surrogates" ended with Jane imploring with Owen to start over, a heartbroken and revealing speech by Owen, and the placement of Jane’s engagement ring on his desk in a move that appears to signify the conclusion of their relationship and any hopes of reconcilitation. (Tear.) Owen (played by Lex Medlin) delivered a raw and relatable speech of his feelings and mindset after Jane’s betrayal, during their wedding ceremony no less, of kissing Grayson.
“Before I met you, I was fine. Single, sure, but I was happy. I thought I had a rich and fulfilling life. And now that I’ve lost you, I feel lonely. Lonely…all the time. No matter where I am, or who I’m with, I feel….Alone.”
I don’t know if anyone else was feeling overwhelmed with emotion, but I was sobbing by the time he wrapped up with the word “alone” and Jane’s face showed a mix of both pain and understanding that her actions had broken them and she needed to let him go.
Honestly, I’ve been over the Jane/Grayson story for a while. In the beginning when Deb was getting used to being in Jane’s body and life, it made sense that the transition would still include residual feelings for Grayson, but after dating and many attempts from more than one angel to keep them apart, Jane still found her way back to Grayson. I had hoped that when Owen came into the picture and wooed Jane into a new, healthy romance that she’d move on from Grayson, but no such luck. Interestingly enough, after Jane and Owen had that messy break up last season with Owen going M.I.A. and having heart surgery, and Jane having a Ya-Ya Sisterhood burning of items from their relationship, Jane goes back and re-proposes to Owen touting faith in their love to see them through hard times. I’m guessing those hard times didn’t include her cheating. I don’t want to see Jane with Grayson, but when I think realistically about how I’d respond if I were in Owen’s shoes, despite the loneliness and residual love, I’d have to move on from Jane. However, Owen’s new position as a partner of Jane and Grayson’s firm will make for interesting storylines since that puts him around them both, often. Here’s hoping for another chance for Owen and Jane, but we’ll just have to wait and see. 

Are you hoping Jane and Owen get back together? Who do you think Jane will end up with?