Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Valentine's Resolution 2013

I read an article today about the joys of being single during the holidays (hooray) but the mandatory nature of having a relationship during Valentine's Day. I sincerely disagree. My last Valentine's Day, while in a relationship, was spent crying and accepting the end of said relationship and the lameness of my then boyfriend. You see, that morning, ex BF ignored my call and chose not to greet me with a "Happy Valentine's Day", opting instead to send me an impersonal "Happy V Day" text message. He then proceeded to break our evening plans with the excuse that he had come down with something, but not too sick to brag about buying flowers for his mother and a random widow on Facebook. Ain't love grand? However, when I was single the year before I had a wonderful day treating myself to lunch, a trip to the spa, ice cream, and a Valentine's Day Party that night complete with men who appreciated being in my presence, even if only for an hour or so. My point is that while having a love shower you with affection, chocolates, and roses can make for a wonderful Valentine's Day, that can all go south if your significant other doesn't find the day (or you) well, significant. Valentine's Day is what you make it, so in 2013, buy yourself some chocolate, have that sassy dress and heels (or suit) ready to dance the night away with or without a guy/gal on your arm. That sounds like one heck of a New Years Resolution, huh? ;)