Monday, November 12, 2012

Manic Music Monday

Have you ever had one of theose days where you just had to tune the world out with music? I’m talking about having your Mp3/Ipod glued to your hip, earbuds jammed in like corks in wine, volume cranked up like a Rolling Stones concert, and the world just whizzing by like the blurred collage of colors in a nighttime photo. I had that today. I had my music with me all day except for my trip to the public restroom where my ‘art of the squat’ sparked the fear of my phone or earbuds and the public toilet having an unplanned meeting. *Shivers* Anyway, while days like this by their very definition are intense, hard, and depressing, there’s nothing like getting lost in the maze of lyrics by your favorite artists on your playlist.

My titular use of alliteration already has me feeling better.