Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"It's Raining Nails!" - Office Etiquette

I've never traveled internationally, but on Mondays I feel like I've traveled to the Australian Outback. It never fails that on Monday mornings someone a few cubicles over from me always clips his or her finger and/or toe nails. Judging by the amount of time the clippings take, I'd say both sets. *Shivers* I immediately envision tiny, flesh-colored boomerangs ricocheting off my cubicle wall and hitting me in my forehead causing a minor concussion or taking out my eye like Kano from Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately, I don't think these types of injuries are covered under Worker's Comp. Clipping one's nails defies all workplace etiquette. It's disgusting, unsanitary, and is a personal grooming activity that should be done at home. Just imagine one of those suckers landing in your mug of coffee. I'll wait.

Exactly. Disgusting.

All I know is that if these coworkers keep throwing their "boomerangs" around, I'm escaping up a tree with some cute Koalas.