Thursday, November 1, 2012

Supernatural Season 8

If you’re a fan of awesomesauce, then you’ve probably been keeping up with the Season 8 return of Supernatural. Bonus points since it is no longer on the deadzone time for shows, Friday. In true Winchester fashion of breaking out of less than stellar dimensions like hell, Dean has busted out of Purgatory with a new weapon, a sexy grumpier attitude (think Wolverine) and a new “friend”. Prophet and math genius Kevin Tran escaped Crowley’s clutches with a new, more mature haircut and knowledge on how to bring an end to demons, and Sam has been playing house with a veterinarian and a dog he named “Dog”, for a year.

Side note: Has anyone else noticed Sam now seems to have a type of woman that is the opposite of his murdered love Jessica? While Jessica was blonde and bubbly, all of Sam’s subsequent relationships/flings/hook-ups have been with dark haired women who are a bit dry to me (with the exception of Sarah from “Provenance”): Ruby #2, Sarah, Madison the werewolf, the doctor in “Sex and Violence”, and now this veterinarian who is just…blah.

I digress. Throughout the last eight seasons, Dean and Sam have seen their share of tension and knock down, drag out fist fights due to arguments, supernatural abilities, lies, betrayal, and destinies that put them on opposite sides of the good versus evil fence. However, I miss the days of old when Sam and Dean were having epic hugs more often, saving each other at the drop of a hat, singing Bon Jovi in ‘Baby’, the Impala, or selling their souls when the other found himself at Death’s door. Though I don’t want either man dying (again) anytime soon, I miss their “Jerk”…“Bitch” relationship. They are again at a point of resentment over Sam not looking for Dean and Dean keeping secrets with a friend he made in Purgatory. This season will definitely be interesting but I’m hoping Sam and Dean will get back to status quo. I’m thinking a third party like hunter Garth might help bring them back together. With Bobby’s passing, they are all they’ve got now. Seriously.